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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Betamax, Mar 29, 2004.

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  1. Betamax

    Betamax Member

    I’m currently trying to decide on which broadband ADSL ISP to go for, so I’m looking for some suggestions/recommendations from peeps in the UK. I live in London and, needless to say, I intend to rape the connection; that is I intend to make full use of my allocated bandwidth (in both directions) 24/7. I’m having my own BT line installed in the next few days and hopefully everything will be ready soon and I will need to make the big decision. My line should hopefully be rated to 2Mb (the house nextdoor is) though I don’t think I’ll be needing that quite so soon.

    I have narrowed the field down to the following 4 candidates:

    1. Bulldog 1Mb Primetime*
    2. Zen 512k
    3. Nildram 512k
    4. Pipex 512k

    At the moment I am tending towards either Bulldog or Pipex. I am tempted by Bulldog’s 1Mb offer, though they’re apparently not that highly-rated ( and my brother is being constantly disconnected by them unless he uses Overnet (?). Pipex works out the cheapest and I’ve heard good things about them.

    *1Mb 6pm - 8am every weekday, all weekend and all Bank holidays, 512k the rest of the time.

    So, who should I go for?


  2. stewiegriffin

    stewiegriffin You! Ares! Now!

    Pipex is the best of the lot there. I know a few people with it and none of them have ever had any problems with speed or connections.

    Personally, I like BT. It is the most expensive, but also the fastest and most reliable.
  3. stephen_sterritt

    stephen_sterritt member of the month

    i work for bt and a word of advice, stay away lol.go with pipex they are a good reliable isp, personally i am with ntl on there 1mb service.
  4. Serps

    Serps Sharing and Caring

    I'm with NTL 1mb, so far I haven't had any problems with them but they do say that you cant download more than 1gig a day.
  5. stephen_sterritt

    stephen_sterritt member of the month

    so they say but i just finished a 1.5gb movie there within 5 hours and still downloading ok! plus i do alot of dvdr downloads with out any problems
  6. Serps

    Serps Sharing and Caring

    I have to agree with you. I quite often go over 1 gb and they still haven't contacted me.
  7. nasrules

    nasrules PeerWebmaster

    NTL allow you to go over the 'limit' 3 days in every 14. Also, it isn't a limit as such, but if you go over it regularly you'll get a letter requesting that you don't.

    It's common sense speed-wise to go for Bulldog, but I can't comment on the quality of their service. But put it this way, if I had a BT line, I'd take the risk.
  8. stephen_sterritt

    stephen_sterritt member of the month

    i never been contacted and i have downloaded movie cams the last few days and been download like a trooper. :green3
  9. eyesbomb

    eyesbomb Guest

  10. matt merch

    matt merch Member

    ntl has d/l limits that sucks what do they think ppl get broadband for to d/l spam email faster ?
    i am on blueyonder and d/l 2gb a day prolly 5 days a week never had a word from them
  11. Malicious Intent

    Malicious Intent People on my cool list...

    I'm going to vote pipex. I'm on their 1mbit connection for £33. I regularly get speeds of over 1100k BITS per second. I download all the latest films and music and share the connection with 6 others, 4 doing the same as me. Despite constantly maxing the connection to download illegal files, we don't hear a peep from them. I have been very impressed.
    Just don't expect to get put through to customer support quickly!
  12. begoodbebad

    begoodbebad sleeping pygmy

    I used to work for BT, lots of my ex colleagues handle adsl fault diagnosis/repair and I also know people who worked for ISP BT Openworld. Yup, stay away, a very long way away. The BT side of things is inefficient and slow but at least they respect your privacy, however the ISP is staffed mostly by temp staff who get treated like shit. If you have an account with them and you cancel it there are people there who will keep it alive so they can use your username/password for their own purposes. Explain that one when you get blamed for spamming and (much)worse. Letters of complaint are routinely torn up and binned. No shit. This ISP stinks. If you need a BT based connection do it thru a 3rd party provider, same connection and lower prices.
  13. That sucks. I download 4+ gigs a day and never get shit. I am in US and have optimum online.
  14. Greylin

    Greylin Well Ladifrickenda Established Member

    And this helps him choose an ISP in the UK how?
  15. nasrules

    nasrules PeerWebmaster

    That's exactly what I was thinking, Greylin.

    Let's get back to the task at hand, eh, guys? :)
  16. matrix2003

    matrix2003 Booooo

    I'd go for NTL also BUT you need an NTL phone line... and you have a BT line so it is not much use...
  17. Disaster Man

    Disaster Man Member

    YOur really two thirds of the way there. Rather than just jump in with BTOpenworld you're shopping around with ISPs that appear in computing magazines and not just on the ad break in "Coronation Street."

    Ignore Jack Duckworth and use It's brilliant for choosing an ISP. I often look at it to see if I can get any cheaper than I already am.

    Pipex looks the best deal to me. Just be careful as they tie you into a 12 month contract. You have to pay the £58 or whatever if you cancel the service or migrate to another.
  18. beardedwonder

    beardedwonder Life's shit, get over it.

    i would advise against tiscali because i think they're owned by a media (film or music) company. So as far as i can see they're more likely to send you a nasty letter if you plan on filesharing
  19. begoodbebad

    begoodbebad sleeping pygmy is a good place to find out about different ISPs. There are user reviews/ratings, speed comparisons, and a complaints league table. Very informative site. Tiscali is not one of the good ones last time I looked, tho that's a while ago.
  20. Betamax

    Betamax Member

    Thanx for all the replies, guys!

    I should have perhaps mentioned that I won't tolerate bandwidth caps, port-blocking, letters etc. though I think that the four candidates I came up with do not follow any of those practices, as far as I know. Pipex and Nildram in fact boast about how much you are allowed to download. Zen and Bulldog also seem indifferent.

    I have heard bad things about Tiscali and I don't think there's anything special about their offers to attract me. Those 1 or 2Gig/month limited services are good in that they're a cash-cow for the ISP, but no good for file-sharing.

    I was considering going for cable, but I think NTL is the only provider and they are clearly not fond of file-sharers. It would have been nice to save the extra 10 squid amonth I'll be paying for line rental, but I could never live off 1Gig a day.

    So it looks like it's going to be....

    Pipex! (...or maybe Bulldog; can anyone vouch for them?)

    Ok, we'll see soon though, so stay tuned!!!

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