GOP Congressman: Wisconsin Recall Elections Are ‘Voter Theft’

Discussion in 'Politics' started by YWD67, Apr 24, 2012.

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    Wisconsin’s recall elections this year give Wisconsinites a chance to vote and hold their elected officials accountable. But to Rep. Reid Ribble (R-WI), the recall efforts are the best example of “voter theft,” not democracy.At a town hall last week, Ribble argued that a recall election is “trying to undo your vote:”
    RIBBLE: Beyond the $9 million cost of holding another election, I want you to know that this is trying to undo your vote. This is trying to steal from you your vote. You talk about voter ID? This is true voter theft.

    In fact, everyone who is registered to vote in Wisconsin is able to vote in a recall election, so it is no different than a regular election. If anything, the recall should only serve as an affirmation of one’s vote, not an affront to it.

    Living in Fl and a U.S. citizen, (just like this asshole) I attempted to contanct the above rep by email and phone. I got this on his website:

    Regrettably, I am unable to reply to any email from constituents outside of the district. Please enter your zip code to verify residency and go to the next step:
    * Zip Code:
    +4 Extension:

    If you do not know the four digit +4 extension for your zip code, please check the U.S. Postal Service website for more information.
    Why don't I have a regular email address?

    The Write Your Representative system was designed to improve communications between constituents and their representatives.
    • Allows constituents to find their Member of Congress simply by filling in their Zip Code.
    • Directs the message to the appropriate representative, allowing each Member of Congress to serve his or her own constituents.
    • Reduces the heavy burden placed on the House mail servers by the high volume of emails sent to Congressional offices every day - over 15 million emails per month.
    If you have any difficulties, please phone (202) 225-5665 or report a website problem.

    In plain simple terms, I do not want to hear from anyone except from my friends and backers.

    Yet this asshole belongs to a party that yells and screams for strick Constitutional interpreation of U.S. and State Laws. So Wisconsin laws deals with such, yet because thid jack does not like the law because it applies to his political ideals, it is therefore wrong.


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