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Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by coolbloke1324, May 15, 2008.


Do you think this is a good anti-spam solution?

  1. Yes, I'd use it!

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  2. Maybe, I'd need to see the fall-out.

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  3. No, this is going too far.

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  1. coolbloke1324

    coolbloke1324 Member

    Hi everyone,

    Not sure if this topic has been broached here before (did a quick search with no luck) so I'm starting a new thread.

    I want to start work on a P2P powered anti-spam system that reads incoming email for a hyperlink (very easy) and then sends that link to every other peer via P2P. The message sent would contain a tag so that it can be very easily filtered by users not wishing to receive those messages so as not to spam P2P like hypermule does.

    With this new program installed on a user's computer, whenever an email comes in, the hyperlink(s) contained are messaged to all other P2P users.

    One central user (for arguments sake: myself) receives the hyperlinks and adds them to a database so that they can be counted. Once a link reaches a threshold (let's say 500), it is flagged to me or another administrator for the link to be checked out. If it is found to be spam, a quick site form scan is made and then a reply is re-distributed to the P2P network specifically coded to instruct the receiving software of how to post to the site with a request to stop spamming (ala blue frog by blue security).

    As with blue frog, the response worked very well. Sites did actually stop sending spam to the users on blue frog's list. The downfall of blue security was due to the DDOS that brought down other legitimate sites along with their own, orchestrated by spammers because they were loosing revenue.

    I believe that this is the best way to protect the system by making it P2P, and by interfacing with a client that already has such a large user base, it becomes very easy to deploy and update. Furthermore, no DDOS will take it down.

    Technically, doing all of this isn't that difficult. Perhaps a month of coding (2 if I did it with documentation - eek...) but the question is, will it work the way I want it to? How can I stop it from being used to target innocent companies / sites? What are the potential pitfalls to using the P2P messaging service?

    I know that there are many issues, both moral and technical when dealing with this topic so I thought I'd raise the idea and invite comment, suggestions and *constructive* criticism. I just hate spam THAT much.
  2. Tcrubuyuuie

    Tcrubuyuuie Member

    It worked

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  3. HelenaP

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