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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by method77, Sep 25, 2003.

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  1. method77

    method77 High Fidelity

    forum update!

    Post your opinions here. Don't start making threads all over the place.
  2. well your to late... check the other lounge!!
  3. Undying Wizard NHD

    Undying Wizard NHD Back for a few days

  4. method77

    method77 High Fidelity

    well, THIS is the lounge.
  5. crackerjacker

    crackerjacker Member

    Just in case anyone is wondering where to go to the private messages there on the top page now.
    looks better
  6. Wolfie

    Wolfie Aku Soku Zan

    I like this a lot better. I don't have go the index page to see if i have a PM>
  7. vipp

    vipp Member

    Well, so far I hate it. The smilies appear to be screwed up, and I can't find the "view new threads" button. :(
  8. REDO

    REDO I steal music on the net.

    I think it looks sexy.... Just put the smilies back.

    I want to thank-you Jorge....
  9. shawners

    shawners Hurt no more my son.

    is their a way of when you click on current new post, when it opens up, instead of having to scroll down what you might have read, have buttons on the top to hit the page over.. saying theres three pages, you read the first two, and you see 3, and you click over there to read whats new, or click on last page would work.
    In the forums if you go through there you can click on what page number to go to. So just wondering.
  10. method77

    method77 High Fidelity

    kinda dumb but here it is

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  11. vipp

    vipp Member

    Also, I had to move 3000 miles to get the time to be right. (don't mind me, I don't handle change well)
  12. vipp

    vipp Member

    Oh, those say temporary buttons. *whew*

    Thanks method77.
  13. racer894

    racer894 Member

    I dont like this new look one bit. Its too boxy and I think its about time for a color change...
  14. method77

    method77 High Fidelity

    how do I change this??? I can't find the damn thing *$)^#&)%@$%

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  15. vipp

    vipp Member

    I think it would be better if you moved the "report this post" back over to the right side. I'm guessing it may get accidently clicked quite often as people click links in the sigs. It's too close to that, IMO.

    Seems quite a bit slower to me too. Hope that's temporary as the final touches are being added.

    (vipp is still grumbling a bit)
  16. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    Well so far i like it, and it will take a while to get used to. You know what they say a change is as good as a rest.
  17. Krypt0

    Krypt0 User is currently offline

    it's nice and all, but why the update? what was wrong with the old one?

    edit: after checking out the forums for a bit, I realized several things that have an advantage over the old style.
  18. Nothingface5384

    Nothingface5384 The One And Only!

    ahhh i change...its is always good :-D
  19. Serps

    Serps Sharing and Caring

    I like the new look. Panicked at first until I found out where the view new post button was but overall Its a good change.
  20. Potato

    Potato poe-tay-toe Established Member

    vipp you're not the only one who had to change the time about a million times to get it right. According to zp, I'm in the mid-Atlantic (or Central time zone...).

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