Fifty Years of the Beatles poll

Discussion in 'Music' started by Spiritinthesky, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Spiritinthesky

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  2. HelenaP

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    Abbey Road...
  3. jgowen11

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    Revolver, without a doubt. This album changed a generation of music. And it wasn't a new band on the scene, but it might as well have been. The Beatles had already taken over the world, and when they decided to stop touring and innovate music in such a way, they flipped the world on it's head again. The Beatles are without a single doubt, the best band that has ever graced our earth. And their composing, the best to have ever composed. Even among Mozart.
  4. evilmegaman

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    way too hard to call. The white album sticks out for me though. Maybe the songs on there aren't the best, but the level of creativity goes even beyond what is expected of them
  5. HelenaP

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    So true.

    For those that were fortunate enough to jump on in the beginning and follow their whole career, even for those that didn't catch on until ten years after the split (like me. I first heard of the Beatles in choir class...we were learning "When I'm Sixty-Four". Then they showed us the film clip of the Beatles coming off the plane for their debut America all those years ago, I was hooked. The Red and Blue Albums were the first Beatles I ever owned, being given them for my eight birthday), all the way to my child's love of them (she's almost 21), as of course will be a band my grandson will one day appreciate. And on it goes. The phenomenon.

    And here we stand. While the Beatles composed some of the most long-lived music, Mozart is in his own genre. His music has lasted for 250 years. And while I will always love the Beatles, Mozart's my boy...
  6. Oudis

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    Everything they recorded from "Rubber Soul" to the "White Album"; impossible to choose with so many masterpieces (if I had to choose one song, it was a single, "Strawberry Fields Forever")


  7. mfgbypooter

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    Best Beatles song ever...


  8. the very best!!!
  9. don_hobley

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    im sick of them all! they are overplayed so much.

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