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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by IshareManyFilez, Mar 20, 2004.

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  1. Hey all I have 2 drives which add up to 500GB or so. But now I need a new external one which can fit like 500GB-1TB or more. I've looked and I coulden't really find any. Does anyone know of good external hard drives that hold a lot of data. Money doesen't matter.
  2. I have tried USB drive caddys which can hold any IDE disk. My experiance with has been poor. The two different types I tried both stopped responding after a few hours of havey use such as backing up gigabytes of data.

    External SCSI works once it is set up but getting it going can be troublesome and SCSI drives are more expensive.
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    How strange, I was just looking into some of these options today. Don't know much, though. I just started doing some research on those drive caddys. Yeah, if anyone has any advice or info on stuff like that, I would be interested, too.
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    that's funny

    i had a few usb cases for 3.5" hard drives, and they ran for weeks at a time with no problems whatsoever

    i know a guy that has had at least 4 of them running 24/7 for almost a year

    usb cases are annoying at times because of their fan noise, but you can always attach them to a networked computer in a room that you won't hear them (like in the basement or something)
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    I have a firewire caddy DVD+-RW and it works great. When i go to college, i think i'm gonna put a hard disk in it so i can have extra storage
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    i lowered the byte rate and pixels.. But they do look alot better on the website =)
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    I use two external drives, an 80 and 120 gig, and never have problems leaving them on all the time. But I would watch putting my eggs all in one basket so to speak. If that 1TB drive ever fails youll be crying, screaming and kicking yourself. Its all too temping not to back that data up before shunting it over to that huge hard disc.
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    Yah I remember ranting on that damned 1Tb drive . . . I would never do that.

    Lookit, your caddies dont have to be expensive, most of what your paying for is the drive, so buy a few 120's, put each one in its own caddy, and attach them thru a PCI USB2 or FireWire card.

    Put movies on one, wares on one, and music on another.

    btw . . . I had this page bookmarked

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  12. Thank you all of your advice has proven helpful. I am still unsure what I am going to do but i need a solution fast because 6 gbs left between 2 drives is not adequate.
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    i suggest you delete your friends television series or burn them on disk.. and clean out your simpsons episodes.
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    what you guys mean by caddy?
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    what do you mean by spank the monkeY? caddy.. to carry, hold =) And that sorts.
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    I figured that a caddy would give me some extra space for a reasonable price, as I don't have $500 to spend on some fancy HD setup. All of these tips and links are great. Any brand recommendations? Also, would it be possible to use one caddy to switch between drives, or perhaps switch with a DVD recorder? I know that it may not be the most effetive system, but I didn't know if it could 'technically' be done.
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    lol, sweet reply shawners
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    i do what i can, with what i have =) TY!

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