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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by moneoa, May 1, 2012.

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  1. moneoa

    moneoa Vita!!!!!!! Staff Member Moderator

    GOD SHUT UP ALREADY!!! Who freaking CARES. Romney is an asshole, Obama is a more witty and likeable asshole but with politicians. If it smells like shit then it must be shit. Still an asshole.

    Change we can believe in right? BAHHHHHHHHH!!!!:mad:
  2. HelenaP

    HelenaP go luath.. céanna go luat Established Member Contributor

  3. Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson AKA IceCube Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    It's come down to a really rich guy and the black guy who is probably also really rich. With all the insanity that has happened in the US, I guess I can be grateful I don't live there.
  4. mfgbypooter

    mfgbypooter Super Pooper Staff Member Moderator

    In reality a vote for Obama and his ilk means you love sexually assulting rape victims, small children, the elderly, and especially the handicapped.

  5. HelenaP

    HelenaP go luath.. céanna go luat Established Member Contributor

    Ah, what is the lesser of two...
  6. Atheist Icon

    Atheist Icon Member Established Member

  7. moneoa

    moneoa Vita!!!!!!! Staff Member Moderator

    There are no good choices, It is a sad time for America ... The Republicans and Democrats don't give a shit about you or your family. they would all see America destroyed to achieve their own goals. Sadly no American would seriously consider a third option. The two party system is a failed horse and up in Canada the conservatives are trying their best to make it a two party horse race as well
  8. Atheist Icon

    Atheist Icon Member Established Member

    In general, no politician gives a shit about you. Don't kid yourself.
  9. moneoa

    moneoa Vita!!!!!!! Staff Member Moderator

    Who said the third option had to be a politician. I don't see anything in my post that is linked to any douche like that
  10. mfgbypooter

    mfgbypooter Super Pooper Staff Member Moderator

    Obama likes touching little kid's dicks, and I bet Romney does too.

  11. carpefile

    carpefile Chronic Established Member

    Gary Johnson just won the Libertarian Party nomination. Not that probably any of you give a shit, but he is definitely a much better option than Obamney.
  12. mfgbypooter

    mfgbypooter Super Pooper Staff Member Moderator

    The real problem for any third party candidate is our owners have already decided who it will be for you.

    So go ahead and participate in their illusion of choice.

    Like you really got any.


  13. moneoa

    moneoa Vita!!!!!!! Staff Member Moderator

    The advantages of living on an unclaimed Atoll in the Pacific would be immense these days. There isn't very much true freedom anymore.
  14. moneoa

    moneoa Vita!!!!!!! Staff Member Moderator

    One of my favorite presidents Bill W. Clinton even admitted that when he got into Office he had big ideas on how to change America for the better but once he got in the seat he realized the cogs on the machine were too massive and and established that one man could never change the status quo in Politics.

    The only way to really do this is through Revolution. As poot said we already have this shit decided by the power players and we are watching something akin to Dancing with the Stars but starring Politicians on Capitol Hill
  15. Atheist Icon

    Atheist Icon Member Established Member

    The only way for a TRUE revolution is for an armed insurrection. Once you get all of the whores....err, politicians, kneeling on the ground begging for their lives will they truly mean what they say.
  16. YWD67

    YWD67 YOUR WATCH DOG 67 Established Member

    Nothing like an act of treason to get ones way here in the U.S.

    18 USC § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection.:eek:hmy:
  17. Atheist Icon

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  18. YWD67

    YWD67 YOUR WATCH DOG 67 Established Member

    Yes they did. Those living in the current U.S. had no representation or voice in government at that time.
    You have representative in your district that speaks and votes for you. Whether you like that person or not that is who they are.
    You are trying to compare apples to iron. There is no connection, nor correlation to what you are advocating to what you see now to way back then.

    The promotion of an armed overthrow of the lawful elected constitutional government of the U.S. is a "TREASONIST ACT"!::cursing:
  19. mfgbypooter

    mfgbypooter Super Pooper Staff Member Moderator

    LMAO, there hasn't been a "lawful elected constitutional government of the U.S." since March 27, 1861.


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  20. Aaron_Walkhouse

    Aaron_Walkhouse The Legendary Axeman Established Member

    It was "treason" to start the american revolution too so hitting the reset button is no more or less risky today, even
    against modern military power. Don't forget that the number of americans fit for military service outnumber their
    combined standing armies and reserves by roughly 83-1 and a big arsenal of heavy weapons is nearly useless
    against a far larger and widely dispersed mass of rifles, most of which are more powerful and have longer ranges
    than the M-16 family of .223 calibre medium range assault rifles and short range carbines.

    If that ball starts rolling it's pretty easy for the government to overreact and provoke americans to take the side of
    what would initially look like the underdog. A significant number of police forces, sheriffs and city halls would quickly
    choose to side with their America against what would appear to all as a rogue cult of feds allied with Big Money,
    bad government, extremist groups and indebted to shadowy plutocrats, job creators of China and the third world
    who claim to be proud, loyal americans, firing thousands at home and pocketing the savings offshore in many ways.

    As for repenting politicians on their knees; no, they would be far less likely to understand, much less acknowledge,
    a concept so alien as non-partisan truth or facts. The few sane ones would be reduced to saying anything to get
    out of danger. Practically all of them would be turned into enemies by the experience, just like many of the hundreds
    of innocent men and boys dragged off to Gitmo from abroad and the hundreds of legal immigrants which were quietly
    and suddenly "disappeared" without due process into openly hostile, often violently abusive imprisonment shortly
    after 9/11 by a panicked and religiously intolerant government headed by the worst sort of fundamentalist zealots.

    If you want to hear any truth from prisoners you have to set an example they can trust and you have to at least try
    to pretend to be listening to them because they may be telling you things you don't want to hear and could never
    accept until you check the facts, learn something new and thus obtain truthful, useful and valuable information.
    You also have to be ready to accept that simple bakers, tramp cabbies or underage boys have nothing you want.
    The same goes for american politicians because only a handful of them are trusted with any real facts and even
    that few are routinely lied to and left in the dark by career bureaucrats in charge of the dirty laundry created by
    previous administrations. I am the primary seeder of the Pentagon Papers if you want to see how that happens.

    So if you ever end up with a captured politician your best bet is to treat them gently as a mental patient instead
    and let them talk as much as they want but never, ever, let them off a short leash. The healthy ones would run
    and the crazy ones try to kill you or hang themselves. Though they are out of your hair it would be your fault.

    Some people say [​IMG] there's no choice between the two parties because both are failures full of rogues and liars.
    It's actually teabagger "government is bad, m'kay?" propaganda intended to obscure the fact that the republican
    party they hijacked has gone literally insane and the Dems, for all their faults, are by far the safer choice right now
    because they are positioned pretty close to where the republicans used to be when they were a functional party.
    Their left and right edges cover everything both parties used to be and the majority hold pretty reliably to a center
    point close where you used to see George H.W. Bush, Reagan, Nixon, Ford and Eisenhower.

    Teabaggers meanwhile have left the formerly right extreme behind when they ran the whole GOP off a cliff into what
    can only be defined as a shotgun wedding of neo-con (a.k.a. New Fascism) and neo-liberal (a.k.a Cult of Rand with
    a side dish of diluted anarchism and selective Nietzscheism). This unlikely collision of extremes is forced to embrace
    corruption with the false rationale that the world will collapse if they don't fight dirty and seize power for the sake of
    their endangered (therefore mostly anonymous) backers.

    This time around there is no "lesser of two evils" choice to be made because the formerly left wing Democrats are
    everything but the radical extremes of left and right [where true evil makes it's homes and builds it's armies], leaving
    them in a relative position which is actually a little to the right of where the GOP used to set it's anchor with no small
    measure of pride. Democrat principles and key positions are still familiar but what they do with them, if anything, is
    not so much pulling to the left as trying to balance the old center with the new right, redefining the center rightward to
    reduce the abyss between and get something, anything productive done in cooperation with at least some members
    of the opposing party.

    The other party is no longer recognizable as republican and is pushing hard at the brink of turning into a cult, the
    only thing holding them from going totally off the map being the fortunate failure of their presidential primaries in
    raising a charismatic leader they could get exited about. Instead, their parade of losers showed everyone,
    including themselves, that it is impossible to find someone as extreme as they wanted because the few smart
    enough for the job were clearly defective in one way or another and the rest were so amazingly, bizarrely stupid
    that nobody could get drunk enough to see them as anything but a totally unelectable embarrassment.

    All they got out of it was an obvious Vice President who won by default and an unexpected void for a running mate.
    Now he has to fill that void quickly without accidentally picking one that overshadows his trademark mediocrity while
    also being competent enough to fit the role. It's hard enough for a clear winner but Romney has to aim low and get
    lucky with the first shot while few trust his aim. This difficulty pales in comparison to the handicaps that come with
    an overly radicalized party so far divorced from reality that the whole world and a large proportion of americans see
    them as a clear and present threat to world peace, human rights and both the american and global economic
    recoveries, all at same time. The result of all these factors is that their political campaigning must rely heavily on
    fearmongering and attack ads to distract their traditional voters from their own dysfunctional state and the rest of
    the american electorate from listening to closely to the lunatic fringe in their midst or from getting a clear picture of
    the election and it's real issues from reliable journalists which can't be controlled or blunted from the top down.

    To the rest of the world your choice is between a government and a party that work poorly but are trying to do right
    by their citizens and a dangerously lunatic, religious fringe that does little more but preach hate and prophesies of
    apocalypse if they are not empowered. This perfect storm of propaganda is trying hard to saturate the national scene
    with over a hundred million dollars of political contributions, much of which is laundered by a loophole recently created
    by a few political activists in the same national Supreme Court which also appointed the worst president of all time by
    literally endorsing massive electoral fraud only a decade before, to their eternal shame. Due to massive concentration
    of ownership of most of the national news media and broadcast industry (also enabled by that court), it would not have
    been possible to drive truth literally out of the country with that money or to obscure the history of the court and protect
    it from being forced to reform or purge the few persons who personally betrayed the Constitution.

    Inside your shrinking, algae-coated and dying fishbowl of a world all you can see is chaos. While it cannot be hidden
    that the republicans are the main reason the government is not performing well, many details go unmentioned which
    reveal the many ways they are fighting to prevent and delay economic recovery until only they can take all the credit.
    Token efforts to carefully avoid distracting from the sponsored Main Event allow them to put just enough copy out of
    the way on a shelf so they can dust them off someday as shields from accusations of censorship and bias. You few
    smart folk who use the internet a lot tend to know where to get more detail so it should be no surprise to you that a
    series of secret international trade deals have been rolling around, all seeded with copyright and censorship wishlists
    that could never be made into law in a democracy, and that every time one is exposed it is left to coast on for you to
    watch and they start another behind your backs. Check the timing of the events (when possible) to see the pattern.
    If they ever manage to smuggle some of that crap past you may lose what little access to truth you have found online.

    Out here in the relatively less-filtered world we see the political zealots clearly preparing to sell everything they can loot
    from america to their power base. The religious zealots want to destroy as many constitutional and legal barriers to their
    hate and intolerance as they can reach before they can be stopped by the public or before they can hopefully hasten
    their end-time apocalypse, validate their dogmas and watch their false God of Hate wipe out heathens and sodomites.

    There was a time when both groups of zealots saw each other clearly for what they are and rightfully hated what the
    other stands for and does about it; but zealots are profoundly stupid creatures and higher IQs only deepen the stupidity
    to the point where a steady and well-funded application of good-old-fashioned fear got them believing in an imaginary
    Obamanation of religious or historic proportions, said image tailored to the victim's form of mental damage, of course.

    If the inmates take the asylum and start running wild with it there will be literally nobody out here who will lift a finger
    to help you because they will be too busy avoiding the fallout or repairing their own damage.

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