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Discussion in 'Networks / Clients' started by dubstylee, May 31, 2005.

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  1. dubstylee

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  2. You missed out the following:

    www.share-fox.com this is a new english P2P links site Reg is required pretty much the lot except porn opened 28th may 2005 so looking for new members :icon_sunn

    www.hell-spawn-inc.com this is was orginally dutch I believe but is now english speaking site and has been around a while has alot including porn Reg is required

    www.feedthemule.net English P2P site with the lot requires reg has been around a few years

    Hope this helps some of you :icon_comp
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    Hey All,
    Heres a Quick Invite to Phantom P2P. Pop-In and Say Hi!

    Remember the Address ;) - http://phantomp2p.co.uk

    Come on Over :)
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  10. awdrifter

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    It seems like most of the sites listed are dead. Are there any good sites that are still alive currently? Thanks.
  11. moneoa

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    I think donkeypunch is a dead platform, sorry
  12. napho

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    Ah, ye of so little faith. This place is still alive and well. Some foreign sites are hanging in too.

  13. awdrifter

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    It's a dying platform, but not dead yet. I'm just looking for some ed2k linking sites. Thanks.
  14. awdrifter

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    Seems like ShareTheFiles is down/dead.

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