edonkey on intel mac: mlmac, mldonkey and the ed2k network

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by headless chicken, May 26, 2006.

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  1. I'm a big fan of the ed2k network because of the rare gems you can find there. Unfortunately, the applications to access the ed2k network seem to be nearly impossible for me to figure out on the mac. I downloaded the mldonkey application (to be quite honest, I'm not even sure what it's called). The instructions indicate:

    The easiest way to start mldonkey for the moment is by installing this script made by Sawtooth ( Thanks man! ).
    • Download MLdonkey_Launcher on the homepage
    • Decompress then run the installer that will install the Script menu and the mldonkey_launcher script. this one should then be in the menu.
    • Now, to launch mldonkey, easy : just choose Launch_MLdonkey in the menu and it's done! yes

    However, the link to this mldonkey_launch are no longer valid. I tried to use mlmac as the GUI for this program, but I don't think I configured the settings correctly. I can open mlmac, but I can't connect to any network. I'd like to avoid the mess of going through Terminal and simply connect to mlmac directly. Could someone kindly help a new Mac user out? I'm so lost with all this talk of CVS and whatnot...I just want to be able to run the client as simply as I did on Windows!

    I downloaded both mlmac and xdonkey which seem similar, although mlMac seems to be the better of the two with it's multi-network connecting capabilities. However, neither one can connect to the daemon. I'm running these programs on an Intel Dual Core Mac--could that be why? I don't know enough to setup or configure the daemon manually. What do I need to tweak to get this working?

    With xMule, I get the following message; "The daemon could not launch out. In 'Daemon' menu, test the option 'Re-initialize the daemon' then launch again. If the problem persists try to change the daemon with the option of 'Daemon' menu."

    Similarly, when I start mlMac, I get a message which reads "Please wait while mlMac launches the mlnet daemon and establishes a connection with it." This goes on indefinitely.

    I have no idea what to do. Could you or some kind sole please walk me through this?
  2. Auggie2k

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    I would really suggest eDonkey on the Mac, although I don't use Mac myself I've heard some good reviews for it.

    Here's a great guide to setting it all up on a Mac OS - http://www.chaosmint.com/edonkey/
  3. DigitalJunkie

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  4. racine

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    Just download aMule at amule.org. Works perfectly.
  5. And wouldn't this open up all the vulnerabilities of running Windows, like virus and worm threats?
  6. DigitalJunkie

    DigitalJunkie Still learning.........!

    Just a suggestion, until Mac has plenty of applications. Of course, I wouldn't connect using Boot Camp running 24/7 365 days. I think, there are some applications that are better using Windows today!
  7. So, have there been any developments since last year? Or is amule still the only option for Mac users?
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    Sure. But As long as you run eMule in a barebone Windows VM, all malware would be restricted within this sandbox Windows VM, your OSX installation shouldn't be affected even if you got a nasty rootkit that rewrites MBRs are randomly delete files.

    But of course, run a quality free anti-virus software like Avast in your Windows sandbox anyways.
  9. MaSTeRb8

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    aMule works fine, but it seems to connect to much fewer sources than eMule.

    eMule should theoretically run in OSX natively using Wine or Crossover, but I still haven't gotten it to work.

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