Dual DVD Drives Take Over

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Lord_of_the_Dense, Mar 26, 2004.

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  1. Lord_of_the_Dense

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    The days of worrying about whether you need DVD+R or DVD-R discs may soon be over. Eighteen months after Sony announced the first dual DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW drive that handles both formats, virtually every other optical-storage manufacturer is jumping onto the combo +/- (DVD±R/RW) bandwagon.

    Even Toshiba and Hewlett-Packard, loyal advocates of the DVD-R/RW and +R/RW standards respectively, have recently announced combo +/- drives for the retail market. Toshiba's Storage Device Division makes drives for its own notebooks, other PC vendors, and for retail under its own brand name and others.

    "Our customers started to ask us to support both," says Maciek Brzeski, vice president of marketing.

    Read entire story here.
  2. ferrarimodena360

    ferrarimodena360 Yada Yada Yada

    sony is good
    i got dru 510a, thanx guys for helping me pick it up, works great
  3. Atheist Icon

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    What is the difference between them? From what I've seen, they both hold the same amount of data...
  4. Class316

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    umm...There has been DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW combo drives for ages.
  5. rebirth

    rebirth Transmission Intermittent

    but not by all the companies, by any means. it was only like...two companies in all
  6. Miniver

    Miniver Adjudicator Established Member

    +r offers better error protection
  7. inmate347

    inmate347 Member


    I've had more bad burns on DVD+Rs on my duel drive
  8. que-em

    que-em Better Than Work

    You don't know how mad I am. My cheap ass just bought a plextor 708a now they coming out with something new. Damn technology.

    Oops my bad. I thought they were talking about dual layer drives. *Wipes sweat from forehead*
  9. Bodhisattva/GoldenSilence

    Bodhisattva/GoldenSilence An Eagle In Your Mind

    Old, old news. Drives that burn both formats have been available for a while from Sony, Pioneer, NEC, Lite-On, TDK. . . nearly all the major optical drive manufacturers. Toshiba & Philips are the last ones on the bandwagon simply because they've been bitching about their respective formats for ever and ever.

    The real news story now is dual-layer DVD burning and the upcoming Blu-ray standard.
  10. Nothingface5384

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    i heard blu ray format isnt compatible with current red laser dvds..and the major companies will be going the HD-DVD route...wich has both a red laser and a blue...making i guess a purplish ray of some shit...who knows heh
  11. Bodhisattva/GoldenSilence

    Bodhisattva/GoldenSilence An Eagle In Your Mind

    Yeah, Blu-ray will not be backwards-compatible with current players. . . in fact, Blu-ray is something completely new, not even really a true DVD format. The HD-DVD's being developed are currently on-par with Blu-ray in terms of storage capacity, but are (for the time being) read-only. When both come to fruition, expect another format war between them. :sigh:

    BTW, I've never heard about HD-DVD using both lasers, nor anything regarding a purple ray. Who knows what the corp's have planned? That's why I'm holding off buying a DVD burner for a while.
  12. Same here. This may prick your interest:


    This could be the "real" future in optical storage. Will watch this pan out with great interest.
  13. Bodhisattva/GoldenSilence

    Bodhisattva/GoldenSilence An Eagle In Your Mind

    Wow, sounds cool. . . thanks for the link. :upside

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