Downloading Hong Kong/China bittorrents in Canada

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by smurfgun, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. smurfgun

    smurfgun Member

    Hi all,

    I've been downloading chinese bittorrents in Canada. Most likely the sights I frequent have most their users in Hong Kong/China - this is just a speculation.

    The problem is I get very slow download speeds. Sometimes, if I look at the info, I'd see myself uploading to a peer who has MORE of the file complete than I do. I sometimes see many peers but I don't download from them. At the same time, i've kept a constant upload speed and hence it is not uncommon for me to have an upload/download ratio of 2.

    Any ideas?

  2. Auggie2k

    Auggie2k Back to business! Established Member

    With Bit Torrent, you don't start downloading the beginning of the file up until the end of it, you "grab" whatever is available to you. So you were uploading parts of the file to a peer who didn't have them. That's perfectly normal.

    It definately seems like somethings holding you back so what's your ISP and what's your current OS setup? XP? SP2?
  3. smurfgun

    smurfgun Member

    Hi know it is normal to be uploading to the peer. But why am I not downloading from the peer at the same time? After all, I know I have less of the file than the particular peer since he/she has more of it complete than I do.

    I am with Shaw Highspeed internet in vancouver bc and I am using WinXp SP2
  4. smurfgun

    smurfgun Member

    Oh... btw, when I download other torrents that I believe have more peers in north america, I am able to obtain more than 100kB/s
  5. cjules13

    cjules13 Member Established Member

    Shaw throttles BT traffic. This is already been widely reported. I suspect even non Asian BT sites give you problems with speed.

    What can you do? Wait for encryption... check out this recent article over at Slyck:
  6. cjules13

    cjules13 Member Established Member

    btw, do you mind sharing your Asian torrent site urls? I can't seem to find a steady provider of Asian stuff.
  7. smurfgun

    smurfgun Member

    I know they throttle it but I've had this problem before they did the throttling. And note that I can download "north american" torrents at full speed. It's just the asian torrents that I am having problems with. In fact, I get a lot of "problem connecting to tracker" issues.

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  8. smurfgun

    smurfgun Member

    This is the site I use:

    I use this site because I am not very good at reading chinese and this site usually provides posters of the torrents.
  9. cjules13

    cjules13 Member Established Member

    How many peers are typically in the swarms on that tracker? Many not too many...

    I usually need to be connected to about 50 before I get max speed...
  10. smurfgun

    smurfgun Member

    Sometimes a lot and sometimes just a few. But I am not even looking for max speed at the moment. There can be a few peers and they would all have more of the file complete than I do. Yet, I don't connect and d/l from them. In fact, THEY connect to me and d/l what little I have!
  11. cjules13

    cjules13 Member Established Member

    I wouldn't let that hang you up. Like Auggie said above, you might have piece 450 and 451 and at 2% and guy with 98% might have everything else except piece 450 and 451. In that case you will be uploading to him... worse yet, he might not have his ports open properly so you have trouble connecting to him to get the pieces you need, but he can connect to you easier.

    Can you see from the tracker if the peers are "connectable?" I haven't checked out the site yet for myself but I will tonight....
  12. smurfgun

    smurfgun Member

    How do I check if the peers are "connectable"?

  13. Same boat

    I am also having a similar problem as smurfgun. I am also using torrent from btchina (3), downloading at San Francisco. Using Azureus, my average download rate is 25kb/s and I set my upload rate at 20kb/s. There are still times when i attained 40-50kb/s for 15mins, but at night I am stuck at 0-5kb/s. Funny thing is that I am connected to 70 peers usually but 0 seeds.

    So I am wondering if there is any way I can configure my Azureus to connect to the seeders of that torrent. This is a popular anime (one-piece), so I know there are seeders but I just can't connect to them. I am sure that I will get better average dl if I can connect to them.
  14. ssahota

    ssahota Member

    Heads up guys, Rogers does the same thing so use port 1720 for now but I have heard shortly that they are changing their VOIP port to 1755.

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