Democrats Scrap “Constitutional Amendment” on Supreme Court Decision

Discussion in 'Politics' started by don webb, Feb 13, 2010.

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    The idea of a Constitutional Amendment, which could take years to ratify, was scrapped in favor of a legislative fix that Democrats hope can be enacted quickly in fear of the upcoming November elections.

    “Today we’re beginning to pick up the pieces,” Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said at a Thursday press conference in the Capitol.

    Knowing an Amendment would fail anyway since they’ve lost their Super Dooper Majority and ability to Ram it through quickly. Now they have written legislation — which they will introduce the week Congress returns from the Presidents Day recess.

    The bill would impose stricter regulations and requirements to company CEOs as well as disclosure provisions that would “drill down deep” in order to track exactly how a political ad is funded.

    Oh Boy, that ought to be interesting being a great percentage of the money and advertising Democrats receive comes from Labor Unions and Big Corporations. Democratic Party strategists have set up many so-called 527 groups, the non-profit election organizations that hammer on contentious issues to funnel the money through.

    Does ACORN come to mind? Or maybe the Workers Family Party who’s Cheif Bertha Lewis was just forced to resign under pressure of lawsuit being brought against them by the United States Attorney’s office?

    Of course there is no Republican support for their plan. Republican leaders praised the Supreme Court Decision, and later went on the attack against Democrats, including the president, who spoke out against it.

    Democrats have only begun their outreach to Republicans since they’ve lost their Super Dooper Majority. Republicans quickly suggested they'd be in no mood to go along with them.


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