DCPlusPlus-0.782 refused to restore my prev installation

Discussion in 'Networks / Clients' started by Farbror Slöfus, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. I reinstalled win 7 recently, my experience have always been that it works to reinstall
    DC into same folder as before and the installer will ask you if you wanna backup your old queue
    to c:/user/profile/local/roaming/DC++ and if you say yes you can go on with
    the old settings and favorites and users

    This didn't happen with DC.0782 for some reason.

    Instead im forced to start from zero even though i EVEN saved the folder that are
    created in c:/user/profile/local/roaming/DC++ before i reinstalled windows,

    so when nothing restored i even took the content inside that "BACKUP" folder and pasted it into the new
    folder created at /roaming/DC++ and i also tested to paste it into the installation folder...

    but it didn't overwrite any files so i suspect roaming/DC++ doesn't belong inside the DC installation folder.
    Its size of "user" are only 3 Kb so i suspect even more it doesn't contain any personal saves?

    It points towards the installation folder still contain everything that should contain my old saves i wanna restore.
    even though i installed DC on-top of the folder without backing it up, so i could have used it as a paste
    overlay ontop of the installation

    I hope i can get some clarification if its necessary to manually move around the BACKUP folder if you
    wanna restore everything after installation

    My experience is that you dont even need to install DC through the installer,
    if you have the entire installation folder saved it should be enough to just klick the exe file
    and then continue where you left
    So perhaps it was a big mistake to use the installer, and that it somehow overwrote those files
    containing the settings?

    Somebody got any questions on this?

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