Construction Complete On 9/11 Truther Memorial

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by grab_grab_the_haddock, Sep 11, 2010.

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    Funded by donations from dozens of websites and fringe publishers, and dedicated to "the fearless amateur research and bold guesswork" of those seeking to "expose the secret machinations of the world's true puppet masters," the 7,000-square-foot monument has already attracted hundreds of visitors.

    "It was a long time coming, but at last it's here," said Don Gustaf, a blogger who drove from Cincinnati to see the site. "This will stand forever in tribute to those who lost their lives the day clandestine CIA operatives used advanced wireless technology to electronically hijack a pair of 767s and remotely fly them into the World Trade Center.",18034/
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    Another good one from The Onion! :)
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    I typed up an awesome response.. and while i was typing a very loud "BRAINWASHED" came through my headphones.... WHAT THE FUCK...

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