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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by mes, Apr 7, 2004.

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  1. mes

    mes bush.sux

    Just wondering if anyone else watched the football(soccer) tonight, AC Milan loosing 4-0. Its been an exciting couple of days. I suppose the majority of people on this site are american so it doesnt much interest them?

    who's gonna make the final?

    Porto - Chelsea?

  2. beardedwonder

    beardedwonder Life's shit, get over it.

    like the idea of Porto Chelsea, Monaco is not going to be an easy match for Chelsea. I spent a year in Portugal and the football there is generally terrible but Porto have some very good players esp. Deco and Djalminha, i think all have a good shot but as i said i'd like to see Chelsea-Porto final.
  3. URICHO_Corp.

    URICHO_Corp. Member

    I saw the game and i am an Anerican though i had to wach it in spanish from ESPN Deportes Since ESPN didn't televised. I follow alot of soccer and happy to say that big teams like Madrid and Milan are out. I think that Deportivo la Coruna its going win. Though I wanted the gunners to take it.
  4. tamarisk

    tamarisk Member

    Incredible games. I was surprised by the Deportivo and Monaco match.
    This just shows how all teams have a chance of winning nowadays. A small team in nor very good financial state beating a team like real madrid.
    Then deportivo, another spanish team goes to semi-final after beating the current champions, when milan had a 4-1 leg advantage after the first leg.
  5. stephen_sterritt

    stephen_sterritt member of the month

    im a chelsea supporter so i think they will get to the final but i agree with above post.monaco wont be an easy game but i think over the 2 legs we will win.we always score away from home and only conceded 1 goal at home and that was against arsenal so i think we can close down monaco, make it hard for them then go on to win the cup

  6. mmmousetrappp

    mmmousetrappp Member

    i liked the way Morientes took revenge on his former club.

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