CBC misrepresenting Quebec student strike? (Dominion Paper)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Drew Wilson, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. Drew Wilson

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    MONTREAL—CBC coverage of yesterday's Quebec student protests in downtown Montreal was driven by a painfully obvious bias against the student strike.

    Across Quebec, over 55,000 students are currently on strike to protest Quebec government plans to raise post-secondary tuition fees by $1,625 over the next five years.

    News reports via CBC yesterday, when 15,000 students marched in Montreal, consistently failed to scrutinize violent police actions against striking students, and the station's coverage bent towards the austerity-driven logic of the Quebec government's policy to hike tuition fees.

    CBC television cameras and reporters were on the ground yesterday to cover the massive student protest but failed to convey the real story, missing the full message of the student protesters and misreporting facts on police actions.

    CBC News Now host Reshmi Nair's live national commentary on the student protest is important to highlight.

    In this clip Nair describes live footage from Montreal via Radio Canada, broadcast as thousands of students, who had been marching throughout downtown all afternoon, converged around Montreal's Jacques Cartier Bridge, leading to a temporary blocking of bridge traffic.

    Montreal riot police were on location and began forcefully clearing student protesters from the bridge and surrounding public streets. As police move on the protest, using batons and pepper spray against students carrying protest signs, Nair announces that the "police are fighting back."

    Police were "fighting back" against what exactly?

    "Fighting back" with pepper spray against a widely popular student protest?

    Is employing batons and peppery spray against young students holding placards justified?

    Certainly more balanced ways for CBC to report on unfolding events were possible.


    I've been meaning to post this one. I saw the reports and it was actually quite biased against the students. Of course, that's not entirely surprising these days as every time there's a strike not sponsored by the bigwigs related to CBC or CTV, then it must be a strike that's bad and evil as far as they are concerned.

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