Budget bill contains environment policy overhaul (CBC)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Drew Wilson, Apr 29, 2012.

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    The government's budget implementation bill introduced today contains the sweeping changes to environmental reviews that were announced last week as well as other "major legislative changes," according to Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

    At more than 400 pages, the bill is packed with measures contained in the March budget, including allowing for changes to the eligibility age for the Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement benefits.

    Flaherty acknowledged the unusual size of the proposed legislation, but said it's a large bill because it was a large budget.

    "It is comprehensive, it is forward-looking, it is our government's major policy document," he told reporters.

    Flaherty said the budget implementation bill, bill C-38, contains long-term changes that are important and need to be made quickly. He also indicated that a second budget implementation bill will be just as large.

    "We did as much work as we could to get as much as we could into the first act. The second act will also be quite substantial. So these are major legislative changes," he said.

    Flaherty said the government is not trying to avoid public scrutiny by jamming such major changes into a budget bill, thereby avoiding specific study of the changes at individual parliamentary committees.


    Why not just go ahead and say it? The Conservative party hates the environment, it's people and all those that oppose dear leader Harper. Everyone knows they are already gutting all environmental regulations so that they can pollute the land just to make a quick buck.

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