Brokenstones shutdown.

Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by 733guy, Jun 29, 2008.

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  1. 733guy

    733guy Member

    anyone have anymore info on this? it was a great site for mac users! what would be a good substitution?
  2. HelenaP

    HelenaP go luath.. céanna go luat Established Member Contributor

    "We are all going to miss BS but there are other great Mac communities that we all need to support. Do not let this be the end and check out the other communities that exist. Macnbits has a great user base so swing by their site. MacBB is another great community that I recommend. A new Mac site is on the horizon that has forums and a lot of BS members If you know of other cool spots then let us know.

    Our IRC room is still open and is a great spot for members to catch up with each other. The chat server is "" and chat room "brokenstones" (without the quotes for both). If you don't know how to use IRC then download It's really easy to use and you'll be chatting about Mac stuff in no time at all. We also still have our group so please continue to chat away there too. "
  3. HelenaP

    HelenaP go luath.. céanna go luat Established Member Contributor

    Edited, 10 chara.
  4. cerebus

    cerebus Member

    You don't have to register on mac-torrents to use it. They're just listing mac-related torrents from other trackers, mainly the piratebay. I remember demonoid has a mac section, although I haven't used it recently. RevTT has the major releases. I've heard that also has a good mac section but someone will have to confirm on that, I'm not registered there.
  5. HelenaP

    HelenaP go luath.. céanna go luat Established Member Contributor

    Well silly me. Useless link removed.
  6. markupmaster

    markupmaster Member

    Huge Loss for MAC Lovers..

  7. wildjohn

    wildjohn Guest

    yes but today i received an invite (probably because i was a vip member in BS)
    a new tracker is born that is mac related too
    so it maybe the "child" of BS

    the tracker is invite only (at least at the moment) and it is
  8. Hath

    Hath I Have a HUGE Manatee!

    Yep, I got that invite too.
  9. moebiusone

    moebiusone Member

    hi, old brokenstone member, is there any chance of getting an invite, thanks
  10. flcoach25

    flcoach25 Member

    Hi, old Brokenstone Member here too

    Hi all, I am a former broken stone power user. I was sent the same invite but, I did not reply in the 3 days required so, I lost the invite. Now, I have to look for a replacement to Broken Stone. Any advice is appreciated.
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