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    What is Bittorrent?

    BitTorrent is a tool for distributed download that allows you to obtain your files quickly and easily through links on different sites. It integrates into your web browser and uses bittorent links to download files from different sites that host the links.

    How does Bittorrent work?

    You start downloading a file and you upload it at the same time to others, this provides a ton of sources for each and every user and gives you an amazing download speed on most of your file downloads.

    I get an error message that doesn't let me download!?

    The tracker for the file you are trying to download might possibly be down or this might indicate that your connection might not be working properly and not allowing arbitrary outgoing connections.

    Can I resume a file on bittorrent?

    Of course you can, just make sure you save your download to the same location as the existing partial download. Bittorrent will later resume the file after it identifies it.

    Limiting Bandwidth in Bittorrent?

    Use the max_upload_rate command line parameter, although make sure you calculate it according to kilobytes per second.

    I need some Bittorrent sites!

    Hmm, don't ya worry!
    You can find all Bittorrent sites righthere
    Some of the favorites you might wish to try are
    1. Suprnova

    Are there any Bittorrent alternates!?

    Well of course! You can always try and get Bittorrent ++ which actually seems like a p2p program but is easy to use and has some settings you might wish to alter/fool around with that you can't change while using bittorrent.
    Grab BT++ Here!

    You can also try Bittorrent Experimental Client which includes limiting of bandwidth (for surfing and stuff) and a couple features the regular doesn't contain!
    Grab Experimental Client here!

    Another BT alternative would have to be BT New Burst Client, it's very similar to BT Experimental but has an options box.
    Grab New Burst Client!

    A new Bittorrent client seems to have been introduced. called PTC which shares similar features to that of BT++ and the experimental client. It shows all active torrents in one window, Time left, Max upload rate, Percent completed, d/l speed, u/l speed, # of seeds, # of copies, # of peers, peers done, overall. It also allows you to copy addresse's of torrents to it and download.

    Check it out!

    A new addition to the Bittorrent community is Azureus which is a bittorrent client with a nice GUI. Development on this client keeps continuing and new versions are rolling out every so often. Give it a try!


    How can I help the community by sharing the files after they finish?

    All you really have to do is leave your download window open and others will be able to take advantage of this and will continue downloading the file from you. This is very important as it helps the community spread files faster and it allows others to download files a couple days after it's been actually released.

    Miscallenous Additions?

    TorrentSpy is a program which you can use in addition to BT that helps you track down BT sources. TorrentSpy gives you information on your Bt files and it will give info such as tracker url, number of files for a torrent file, and how many completes/incompletes the file has.

    A wealth of information about Bittorrent can be obtained by going here

    Well, I will be adding to this FAQ every now and then when important info comes out that needs to be added so people understand. For now, I'll leave it the way it is..enjoy!
    If you feel I have missed something, please tell me so I can add it on!


    LUCIFER{OS} Soul-Taker

    Two other BT alternatives:Experimental Client
    New Burst Client
  3. links please?
  4. Evil_Dweller_01

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    Can you provide a link to the BT New Burst Client?
    I can't find it on google.. other one has been added

    LUCIFER{OS} Soul-Taker

    Link to the homepage.
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    I have to admit Kris (I know that's your name and its a pain to always type Evil_Dweller_01), that is a pretty damn good post. Good job man and I hope to see more added later.
  7. The Hunter

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    Nice stuff guys, your effort will even help out a old feller like me.
  8. Evil_Dweller_01

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    Thanks man.. as soon as I find more info or someone posts some in this thread it will be added..

    Remember my name eh? LoL

    If you feel something needs to be added, post in this thread!

    Let's make this a nice faq for all the BT newbies :fire

    Thanks a cool guy too! lol
  9. The Hunter

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    NP bud, and if you folks want to keep working on it, and think you have it the way you want it, I can stickey it.
  10. Evil_Dweller_01

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    Ya if you can please do.. if it's not stickied then it will disappear into the night.. lol

    This way if you sticky it I know where it is and I and others who help me get the info can get it all perfectly setup
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  12. triniti

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    Thank You! I have had a hard time learning all these things about Bittorrent, the site is very raw with details. Again Thanks!
  13. Evil_Dweller_01

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    Glad to help...
    You know.. I'm still scared of your posts per day! lol

    My 600th post.. yay!
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    To Evil_Dweller_01, in refference to post count. Woot,and way to go.

    LUCIFER{OS} Soul-Taker

    Say, evil, do want to add torrentspy to the BT faq?

    Its a nice lil prog which gives info on the BT files, whether they're dling or not, just as long as the .torrent file is saved to a folder first.

    Then open torrentspy, and drag/drop the torrent file in it, and it will give info like tracker url, number of files for a torrent file, and how many completes/incompletes the file has.

    I use it since I also use the regular BT client, but the experimental client and the burst client do give these stats, as well as how many leechers or seeders a file has.

    I'll find the url for you if your interested in adding it to the faq.
  16. Evil_Dweller_01

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    Yes, please do
  17. triniti

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    I have slowed down now that I have the feel of things and how everything works around here, so I will be doing way less but more quality posts. Besides this one! ;)

    LUCIFER{OS} Soul-Taker

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    triniti, you had most of us scared for a while, but just settle in and enjoy yourself. PS welcome to the zoo.
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