Bigger Arizona college class sizes a growing trend (AZCentral)

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    This semester, Arizona State University freshman Kassandra Guerrero's largest class is a crowded 400 students while her smallest is a comfortable 15.

    The psychology major has learned to cope with the bigger class by sitting close to the front so she can see and hear the professor.

    "It isn't really that bad," she said.

    For students like Guerrero, large classes are part of college life. Between budget cutbacks and growing undergraduate enrollment at the state's three universities, classes of 50 or more students are more common and expected to become even more prevalent.

    And as the number of large classes grows, Arizona's universities are investing in new technology to make those classes more manageable for students and instructors. The latest innovations are intended to save the universities money on staffing while also improving academic results so more students pass their courses and don't waste time and money repeating subjects.

    Web-based computer programs in math, for instance, can tell the instructor whether students have mastered a concept. Hand-held electronic clickers allow students to interact with instructors and take tests. Extra teaching assistants help control the classroom and answer questions.


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