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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cpugeniusmv, Jun 10, 2005.

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    The demo features three variations of the Gulf of Oman map from Battlefield 2, which is set in a near-future conflict between three clashing powers: The United States, China, and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC). The single-player, 16-player, and 32-player versions of the map included in the demo pit the US against the MEC in time-limit-based combat. (China is not playable.)

    However, the demo does not include any additional maps or other features found in the retail version of Battlefield 2. Besides the Chinese forces, the full BF2 will feature 30 vehicles and 20 soldier kits from all three sides. It will also sport a total of 12 maps, each available for 16, 32, and 64 players. Online play will be enhanced with voice-over IP and persistent character scoring, while the new battlefield commander mode will give players a tactical edge on the, er, battlefield.

    But make sure you have a high-end pc / video card. The load times are very very long.
  3. cpugeniusmv

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    One of my friends with the same video card as me (GF4 ti4200) just told me it won't run :-\

    I'm not in the mood to buy new hardware...
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    Overclock video card. Take the risk or don't do it. Computer Genius. You should be able to overclock it successfully.

    Went to

    Minimum Requirements:
    (subject to change):
    Windows XP
    P4 1.2 GHz or equivalent
    512MB RAM
    64MB DirectX 9 video card
    Broadband Internet connection
    DVD-ROM drive (for DVD version)

    The reason it has such a high requirement is because it needs to make expansion packs. Thus, it needs to compete with future PC First Person Shooters for graphics.
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    I'm going to wait until the demo finishes downloading to see for myself.

    Overclocking may be an option.
  6. cpugeniusmv

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    I guess I won't be playing this game for a while. The GF4 line doesn't support some of the instructions that the game requires. Overclocking can't fix that.

    Oh well.
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    This is why people invest and play on game consoles.
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    Fuck that....

    PC owns those consoles.
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    Would have to agree with you there, that is until the next round of consoles come out, then things will be quite interesting.
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    i remember i got my G4 ti-4600 for BF1942, it worked great. now i have a fx 5900 ultra, the demo is kinda sluggish and graphics are not as clean as i hoped for, but i do have my settings set to high, ill probably bring them down so that i can play a smoother game.
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    Which is more expensive:

    Buying a new video card every few years to play new games, or buying a new console every few years?
  13. bart5986


    my amd 1200+ 512mb of sd ram and radeon 9250 runs bf2 fine at lowest graphics. :p
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    My 128meg Radeon 9800 pro Saphire card runs them fine on med/low.
    512 ram

    The demo is awesome. The squads make the game IMO
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    Thanks 4 post's all
    it'll be \a good demo as well
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    I've been interested in trying this out. I wonder if it's gonna be cooler than Joint Ops, what with it's fancy schmancy graphics and flashing lights and shiny things.
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