Best internet browser?; VOTE NOW!

Discussion in 'Browsers' started by PowerMan57two, Jul 14, 2002.


Best Browser Out There?

  1. Internet Explorer

    50 vote(s)
  2. Netscape

    7 vote(s)
  3. Opera

    31 vote(s)
  4. I don't know of any other!! so please post below!!! I will read all comments! I'm looking for a new

    11 vote(s)
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  1. PowerMan57two

    PowerMan57two Dell XPS 630 User

    What is the best internet browser out there? Internet Explorer? Opera? Netscape? others.. post your opionion now! we are voting on the current versions of the releases..
  2. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse ZP Troll SWAT Team Established Member

    Opera,Mozilla or IE

    These all are pretty good. Opera has some really cool features.
  3. 2001team

    2001team Member

    What about Mozilla....the open source alternative. It has pop-up add killer and it's just pure excellence. Always improving itself. Just click on the link at the bottom.

    Click Here!
  4. paul248

    paul248 Guest

    I usually use Internet Explorer or Mozilla.
  5. backmann

    backmann Who? Me?


    IMO the best browser was Netscape 4.7x (when it came out, now it doesn't support a lot of things). Now I'll stick to IE 6.

    "In the dark we make a brighter light"
  6. Foreverboard

    Foreverboard Alien in Penguin suit....

    Opera all the way. I love the Mouse gestures.:fire
  7. jabba|xtra

    jabba|xtra G33k


    Mozilla's pretty good. the popup killer is awesome and the skins are pretty cool. you can also download a plugin for it so you can use mouse gesturing like opera.:gj
  8. semeniuk

    semeniuk Member


    Mozilla, what more does anyone need?

  9. wesr



    1st thing: Is mozilla bad or something because in shareaza it denies connections from mozilla by default. But I like both of these programs.
    2nd Thing: how do i enable the pop up ad killer?
  10. wesr


    Forgot one thing

    Sorry i forgot to ask one thing. How do i delete all occurences of the web sites i have visited. Like in IE i go into internet tools and i can delete the temporary internet files, cookies , and things in the location bar. How do I do that in Mozilla?:fire
  11. wesr


    Anyone care to help me?
  12. g0b

    g0b Member

    Opera is great. I have a serial for it :)
    Blocks pop ups, tabbed windows, skins, mouse gestures, fast, and alot of awesome features!
  13. wesr


    How do i enable the pop up ad killer and how do i delete the temporaray internet files and cookies in mozilla? And is mozilla bad because shareaza blocks connections from mozilla by default
  14. jabba|xtra

    jabba|xtra G33k


    to disable popups go to edit, preferences, advanced, scripts & windows, then uncheck the box that says "open unrequested windows"

    To clear temp net files in preferences again under advanced go to cache and click "clear disk cache"

    To clear history and location bar, , preferences again, navigator, history, click clear history and clear location bar.

    And finally, to clear cookies go to tools, cookie manager, manage stored cookies, then click remove all cookies.

    And no i dont think mozilla is bad or anything, im not sure why sharaza blocks it. maybe you should go post that over at the shareaza forums.
  15. All I have ever used was Internet Explorer...Are there others as you say better? :blah
  16. PowerMan57two

    PowerMan57two Dell XPS 630 User

    delete internet history

    If you guys want to delete all your cookies, history, and all other stuff after your done looking at stuff, you should get the program Windows Washer 4.5 it does all that stuff, and it's a lot faster.. I like it...

    P.S. - u can find it on the fasttrack... but you didn't hear it from me.. lol j/k


    RIAA Will never shutdown P2P, So quit waisting your money!

  17. johoja

    johoja Member

    all browsers are blocked in shareaza and almost any gnutella client it just says mozilla because the fist line in all browsers is mozilla for some reason even in internet explorer they all say Mozilla 4.01 ( MISE) WINT or WIN98 or something like that if your using internet explorer its not directed at mozilla itself but instead at all just means if you try to download from gnutella via a website it wont let you it doesnt mean that you cant use the shareaza links ... gnutella://
  18. um... The one I use isn't listed, so can you add it and then I could vote for it? lol I use the new MSN6 browser, and I love it, its easy to use has all kinds of perks, you don't have to sign up for msn access to use it and its free to use, the msn messenger is built in as is a media player that will even play broadcasts from msn music while you surf, it has alot more different settings for email and security and content. lol I could talk about it all day because I love it!!!!! internet explorer sux big time in comparison, and I love it mostly because outlook express to me is evil, and it doesn't use outlook express, it can even archive mail for you and tell you what your local weather is, and it greets you by name when you log into your account (optional for all the paranoid ppl heh)...hmmm what am I forgetting... lol ok thats about all the important stuff... oops oh yeah you can have up to 9 different email users and theres a guest log in that doesn't keep passwords logged... So please add it so I can vote for it.. thanx!!!!!!
  19. PowerMan57two

    PowerMan57two Dell XPS 630 User

    I went with

    thanks guys for helping, I ended up going with MSN Explorer 7.02, and my friend lets me use her AOL account.. lol.. so I went with thse two browsers, not ever ones fav. but thir easy to use for thanks
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