Are you happy with Zeropaid?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ken17625, Jan 28, 2003.

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  1. Ken17625

    Ken17625 Your best nightmare.

    I seen this topic on the main page in the form of a poll. I thought a nice fourm thread would gather opinions in a more detailed manor. Please, all I ask is don't flame or spam in this thread. If you don't like something about ZP or ZP itself, give reasons in a rational manor(and you will find people will listen and give the same respect in most cases even if they disagree with you). Thanks.

    NOTE: I didn't feel the need to include a poll, seeing as how there is one on the main page.
  2. hm...

    as long as the topics deal with P2P, and once in awhile some comedy, i'm happy.
  3. Koffee Bean

    Koffee Bean Guest

    In the beginning I was extremely satisfied with ZeroPaid, but recently it's been leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Don't get me wrong, I love it here, and have no intentions of leaving but I'm getting weary of all the drama that goes on here. By drama I mean the UTC fights, the flaming, the spamming, and the laziness of people here who just post away without bothering to search the forums first. But besides that I am still happy on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest I would rate my happiness a 7.5.
  4. wingnut2600

    wingnut2600 Reaping what I sow... Established Member


    I believe that Zeropaid is as good as we contribute, so I am trying to make it better by posting better threads; therefore, it should be better.

    BTW: I was looking through my old threads and found several deleted recently (I was thinking I lost quite a few) . I may bring some of these back (especially the biggest spammer thread)
  5. narz

    narz Member

    Yeah...Zeropaied is quite good. Gives good and up to date news on the lates P2P apps, lawsuits etc etc. The forums are quite usefull in gaining help with problems or juz general information about P2P and other stuff. Keep it up Zeropaied.\

  6. PornMaster

    PornMaster I Invented Porn!

    Yeah, Zeropaid rules!! Although i would like to see more threads about P2P and computers, rather then threads about stupid shit like Guys Questionare...<<<POLL>>>, Coffee Or Capachino In The Morning?, How Many People Are On Your Buddy-List?, Underwear or Boxers, Just to name a few, I have no intent to "flame" these users in anyway, But those threads are just not needed!

    But other than that ZP, Keep up the good work!!
  7. Crazy Horse

    Crazy Horse ZP Troll SWAT Team Established Member

    I've found that school has given me the needed break that I didn't know I needed - if that makes any sense. While being a mod is nice and all I found that it took a lot more of my time and with that I lost some objectivity. Now that I can't spend as much time here I'm finding that I can take it a little better. I think that will happen with the people that have left us for awhile. They will come back with a fresh outlook. Hell - I didn't leave, I am just spending less time here and it's helped tremendously. If this would have been asked a week or two ago I probably would have not had a lot of nice things to say but right now I'm fresh again and HELL YES !! ZP rocks !!
  8. Undermind

    Undermind Know Your Enemy

    ZP is cool, just that the shitty to good ratio has just been way out of wack lately, thread-wise, but that seems to be slowly getting better
  9. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    Well, i hope it is cool, but with all the threads dedicated to being sexist, and just plain rude, we have had many good people that just come here to help leave. This site is to help people, if we permit ourselves to be reduced to nothing more than a site with dumb threads, we shall be judged by what we post, and at times that is scary. The reason I came here was to look for help. The help has been recieved, and appreciated, now I hope we can continue that tradition. Sorry for the rant.
  10. TipYourBartender

    TipYourBartender Signals Over The Air

    Am I happy with Zeropaid?


    I am happy with the quality of the news articles, although I unfortunately do not post too many of those anymore. I am happy with the threads throughout the forums, and the awesome job that the moderators do. I am happy with the up-to-date P2P release info. I am ahppy with the help we give people here about P2P apps, something that I feel is unsurpassed by any site. I am VERY happy to get the opportunity to talk to people like Crazy Horse (whom I respect more than anyone else on this site), The Hunter, phalkon, PatientSaint, and many others. The "drama", as it was put, actually made me HAPPY, not so much for what stupid people did, but for the fact that we got to talk seriously about this site, not to mention it was an interesting view into ZP group dynamics.

    So why mostly?

    I am unhappy with the outcry over "stupid threads" in the ZP Lounge. The ZP Lounge, as I understand it, is the place to put these "stupid threads". I understand people wanting to help other people and have intelligent discussions about P2P news and sites and programs and stuff. But there are plenty of other places the ZP Forums on which one can discuss these things. Let the ZP Lounge stay how it is. This is a cause I will continue to champion fervently.
  11. Happy

    I'm happy here, good people. I think some should hold back on the bad comments. but thats just me
  12. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    This is good, a discussion about the threads is not a bad thing. Now how far are things permitted to go in the lounge? Please do not let this go down the crapper. No rude things, just things that make sense to you. Discussion is good. For me when things are sexist or racial it is time to close them.
  13. TipYourBartender

    TipYourBartender Signals Over The Air

    How far should things be permitted to go? As far as they can without anyone getting offended. Not to be melodramatic, but the day I find people censoring the Zeropaid Lounge and getting rid of stupid-but-harmless posts is the day I leave. Seriously.
  14. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    Good , now how do we decide when someone has been offended? Going by the amount of mail I have been getting, many are offended. For my thoughts, if it is openly sexist, it should be closed, the raceial part shouldnt even have to be addressed.
  15. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    PS, we have all made our share of stupid posts, as long as we dont turn them into flames I see no problem. Later folks.
  16. TipYourBartender

    TipYourBartender Signals Over The Air

    Well, are people simply offended at posts because of their stupidity or is there specific content they do not like? I understand that a poll asking users which girl they would bang may be offensive to some. But I don't see how a thread asking if people like coffee or cappucino is offensive to anyone.
  17. The Hunter

    The Hunter Janitor

    Discussing coffie, scotch, or whatever is no problem with me. That is why I popped in and brought this up. All we want is for all of us to get the news, a wee bit of help, and a lot of fun. Later folks.
  18. Siskabush

    Siskabush ZP Trancecore Cussin

    ZP is extremely good.

    I like finding out about new software, updates and other stuff on this site. You guys post warnings of things to come, and stuff not to download.

    It is truely a good site.
  19. Undermind

    Undermind Know Your Enemy

    I don't see why anyone should get offended by anything anyone says on these posts, this is a free world (for the most part) and you have to take the good w/ the bad, there are some stupid/ignorant people out there that say things that will reflect that fact, best fix that I can see is to just ignore it, only time i see it as being any kind of problem is when it gets excessive/repetitive then it is time for the mods to step in and just kill it
  20. bigwilly949

    bigwilly949 Member

    zeropaid i love you!


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