Any Credible News Sources?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by kokanezub, Feb 25, 2012.

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  1. kokanezub

    kokanezub Secretary General Established Member

    Ineed of some new - News . Some credible sources with news on the americas and world news. Plz post them below or PM me

    Thanks M8s
  2. Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson AKA IceCube Staff Member Moderator Contributor


    Any particular topic? Just wanting world and national news is like wrapping your mouth around a fire hydrant and turning it on full blast. Heck, the "narrow" topics of my interest alone is like that even.
  3. kokanezub

    kokanezub Secretary General Established Member


    Looking for news on current events keywords: america , internet, middle east..
  4. crymomma

    crymomma zeropaid sweetheart Established Member

    Interested in BC news?
  5. Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson AKA IceCube Staff Member Moderator Contributor


    America from the mainstream perspective: CNN, CBS, FOX, NYTimes, Huffington Post, AP (can be tricky to find), etc.
    America from a more independent perspective: Slate, Salon, Politico, etc.
    America from an independent traditional partisan perspective: Drudge Report, Demand Progress, Media Watch etc.
    America from the consumer's perspective: Consumerist
    America from the Russian perspective: RT (Russian Times)
    America from other outsiders perspectives: Aljazeera, Haaretz, etc.
    America from the social networking perspective: Delicious, Fark, Digg, Reddit
    America from the more random perspective: Google news

    Internet: ZeroPaid, Wired (including the blogs like Threat Level and Epicenter), Slashdot, Techdirt, TechCrunch, EFF, Public Knowledge, Privacy Digest, various Twitter feeds, etc.

    Middle East: Al Jazeera, RT, Haaretz, mainstream outlets (shudders), Google News, etc.

    That's just quickly off the top of my head. There's a bajillion of them I try to keep tabs on.

    Bear in mind that just a list of sources to watch is of little use. You really have to have the knowledge to just move from source to source and form your own opinion more than anything else. You can't rely on any one source that could be considered "trusted"... I repeat, YOU CAN'T RELY ON ANY ONE SOURCE THAT COULD BE CONSIDERED "TRUSTED"!!! Still, those sites alone can very easily give you more than you bargained for in terms of quantity. You also have to be careful not to let yourself get absorbed too much by news (sounds funny given my posting habits, but there's tonnes of stuff I don't post here. Half the time I don't see much value in it, half the time it's because I didn't catch it.) Trust me on this, the sheer volume of news out there floating around on a daily basis is terrifying.
  6. Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson AKA IceCube Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    Like CBC, CTV, 1180 News, Vancouver Sun, Global BC, Opinion250 (recently spotted that one), Kitimat Daily, [Insert town here] Citizen, etc.?

    Edit: I'd like to point out that if there is an entity posting more news than someone like me, chances are VERY good that there's a whole team doing the news watching.

    Edit 2: I'll also point out that it's always hilarious whenever people ask me, "Can you share your news sources with me?" The amount of news I go through makes this request completely impractical to fill. Experience with the media in general, while not mandatory per-se, is a huge plus in filtering through this stuff.
  7. kokanezub

    kokanezub Secretary General Established Member

    I have watched all of the above...Its all to similar in looking for the second side the the story..
  8. Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson AKA IceCube Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    In that case, Google news is your friend. Dig up key words of that story you are looking for and punch it into Google news. It's possible to get alternative perspectives if you know a little Google Search Boolean.

    Edit: If you don't know the Boolean, look at the advanced search features (bottom of the page)
  9. mountain_rage

    mountain_rage Zeropaids nipple Staff Member Moderator

    Just subscribe to Drews postings, or read Zeropaids daily postings to get your fix. :D
  10. kokanezub

    kokanezub Secretary General Established Member

    Actually I just read drews article on how dangerous does the gov want the net... that was pretty damn good, very damn good actually

    Will try that google thing..
  11. Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson AKA IceCube Staff Member Moderator Contributor

    Thanks. :smile: I want to write on a regular basis, but school is mainly a barrier to that. Every time I feel like writing news, I go back and do more homework. I can't wait until this schooling business is over in that respect.

    Just know that there's no silver bullet at all in finding these things. You can network your way through all of this by following sources that pop up (unfortunately, a lot of them are so general, that it's difficult to really rely on them on a more regular basis). I use to think that there's some sort of super RSS feed or something, but it's just a matter of trolling through miles of dirt to find the gems. I employ multiple tactics to finding stuff. It really depends on what I'm after. Some tactics in finding some things are abysmal, while they are THE tactic to use for finding other things. Right tool for the right job. Sometimes, finding things requires a sledge hammer, other times, finding things requires needle-nose pliers.

    One example is just trying to look for activist blogs and digging through their sources for news stories. In this case, it's like using a rotor-router, snaking your way from blog to blog and obtaining an entire list of sources in the process.
  12. HelenaP

    HelenaP go luath.. céanna go luat Established Member Contributor

    You may want to check this site out...

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