Another Day, Another Innovation Getting Crushed by Copyright (Threat Level)

Discussion in 'News' started by Drew Wilson, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Fox Television, PBS and Univision Television and others Thursday asked a federal judge to halt an impending subscription service that enables the streaming of broadcast television to any internet-enabled device.

    The suit targets Aereo, a $12 monthly subscription service set to debut in New York on March 14. The suit claims that the upstart, backed by media mogul Barry Diller, has failed to acquire licenses from the networks.

    Aereo is to deliver broadcasts from NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, Fox and others — broadcasts it acquires over the air with multiple tiny antennas placed at its New York headquarters.

    Think of it as turning your tablet, smartphone or PC into a television set.

    What’s more, each customer is hooked to a personal antenna housed at Aereo’s headquarters, a service the broadcasters called “technological gimmickry.”

    “Aereo has not licensed this television programming from those who own it. Nor has it sought or received consent from the television signal owners,” the New York federal lawsuit said.

    It’s hard not to liken the legality of the service to Zediva.


    The TV industry loves innovation only because it gives their lawyers job security.

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