Adding cable TV (not internet) to another room

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by nukehella, Jul 9, 2005.

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  1. nukehella

    nukehella Member Established Member

    My dumbass Father who walked around on a fractured hip for 2 weeks without telling any of the 3 doctors he saw during that time frame about is getting home from his forced hip replacement surgery Tuesday.I have to move him into a room closer to the bathroom.I would like him to have cable TV available so he can watch John Wayne movies and whatever else anyone that whacked out would watch.Maybe they have TV shows that tell you how to do your own hip repacement surgery.
    Anyway can someone point me in the right direction?Please don't tell me to call my cable company(a large East Coast firm whose name begins with the letter C.
    I can make up and run my own CATV stuff and do the connectors.I'm just not sure how to get a non-analog signal.I only have 1 box.
  2. Antimatter

    Antimatter Totally efficient

    I suppose a simple wireless signal sender / reciever would do the trick. Easy, no fuss with wires, generally cheap so I think it might be your best bet.
  3. nukehella

    nukehella Member Established Member

    Thanks for the reply.I should have been more specific.I don't want a wirelesss solution.Since I am going to be going up through the basement I am wonndering if a cable ready TV is all I need and also how can I get my TV tuner card on my PC to cooperate?In another room but if I'm going to mess with this I might as well do it all.
  4. muffenme

    muffenme Registered Moonatic

    If it standard anolog cable then all you need is coax cable and a spitter. If it digital then you need a digital cable box from your cable company or any place that sell the box. If you find a second hand digital box, then this would make it easy and you don't need your cable company. You need one digital box per tv + coax cable and a splitter.
  5. Antimatter

    Antimatter Totally efficient

    Sounds like a cable ready tv would be all you need and as for the tv tuner card, I guess the wireless sender / reciever would do the trick as well.
  6. muffenme

    muffenme Registered Moonatic

    Use to see if you have a anolog cable which include CATV and the older VHF/UHF band
    I not sure if they disconnected the anolog feed yet but that odd that they still sell tv that supports the old anolog without the digial channel build in.
  7. Malakai1911

    Malakai1911 wants your vagina Established Member

    Afaik, the big "C" uses a non-standard for digital cable distribution. It uses access cards, but is different than a DVB-C(with CAM) signal.... they use the OpenCable standard, iirc, so good luck if you want free digital cable in that other room.

    Analog cable (channels 2-125) will be accessable just by using a splitter and any cable ready tv or standard analog cable box.
  8. Siskabush

    Siskabush ZP Trancecore Cussin

    Just get a cable TV splitter, hook it up to the main cable, and run a cable to his room.
  9. Excrement_Cranium

    Excrement_Cranium Just Sick Established Member

    Um. I agree?

    Circle gets the square!

    I have cable going to 6 rooms in my house, plus another line to my comp for shitty unstable 3mb cable internet. Splitters n wire is all ya need.

    Original cable install was only 2 rooms. Though, I do have a cable man connection.
  10. Need to turn on cable in the second room

    I have Comcast Cable and I want to turn on the cable in the second room without contacting the company. When I called them they said a tech needed to come out and manually turn it on in the second room. It does have a cable outlet.

    I opened up the outlet and saw that there were two wires both white and looked exactly the same. I tried both on the flatscreen tv, one at a time, and it still didn't work. What does it mean exactly when they said the tech has to come "manually" turn it on? Can anyone tell me how to do this myself? I do have a cable modem and also internet from comcast already but I prefer not to have wires running along the house for safety reasons.

    Any suggestions anyone? P.S. I will find out what a splitter is :D Any help is much appreciated!
  11. El Comandante

    El Comandante Merde! Established Member

    Well Sherrie, let me just say that Comcast is garbage. If it's available in your area, switch to AT&T Uverse. Check availability here:

    I switched from Comcast and I am very happy. I have more and pay less. In addition, now I have a second receiver in my spare room with DVR for free. Comcast wanted something like $10 a month. Fuck'em!

    If you decide to keep Comcast's crappy service you will have to pay them for the extra receiver or you can split the main cable feed with a splitter and you will only get basic channels (1-13 or so). I am assuming that the wires you have in your room were disconnected somehow. You could try to find where they lead and simply hook them up to the main feed with a splitter. The bottom line is though: You need their receiver to get digital channels and HD ect... The receiver is necessary.

    You can also split the cable that comes out of your existing cable box to the TV.... and run a coaxial cable to the other room. The problem with that is you would have to change the channels from the main box in order to watch TV in another room. Very impractical. I guess you can get one of these ... and it would solve the channel changing problem.

    I would just call AT&T. They rewired my whole house for free.
  12. how do i get cable in second room

    When I opened the outlet and took the screws out, all i saw was two cables that has that little needle in the middle. They both went through to the wall and I guess I will try and take it apart even further. Is that what the techs do to turn on service in the second room?

    I can't switch the cable because it's not under my name and don' want the owner of my place coming in and finding out I have pets lol! That's the reason I have to do this on my own ugggg..
    maybe I can just wear a bikini and wave the comcast guy down here huh? lol jk
    I need help! I don't know anything about cable!
  13. Thanks again guys. I guess I'm going to have to take apart the outlet further than what I did and see if any wires are disconnected. Maybe I can take a video of what's going on and put it on youtube. would anyone be able to tell me what's going on if I did that? My username on youtube is sherrieblossom. Thanks again for all your help!
  14. Tic3

    Tic3 - Staff Member Moderator

    Shouldn't be all that hard. If it's just cable TV, all you need is the splitter and a cable running from one room to the next.

    A splitter ( is just a little metal piece that you plug your source cable into. It allows you to connect two TV's to the one input cable.

    If you have to, you can go to WalMart or Radio Shack and buy a splitter for about $2 and a 50 ft length of coax cable.
  15. El Comandante

    El Comandante Merde! Established Member

    Those two coaxial cables have to go somewhere. The trick is finding out where. If you have another cable outlet in the house... take that one apart and the two other ends of the coaxial cable in your spare room may be stuffed in there (in the wall).... or those two cables may lead outside to the main cable terminals on the side of the house (and end just short of it somewhere). If you find it you are going to need the splitter Tic recommended.

    I would call the cable company and tell them you are having reception problems. The tech will come out and you can talk to him then. Just tell him some of the channels look fuzzy and he will likely change some cable or some such thing (these guys are usually independent contractors and get paid for their visit). They are all quick buck artists too and they will do work on the side if you pay them cash. Just offer it to them (it's not against the law). He may do the job for you there and then or come back and do the work latter. What do you have to loose?

    BTW the bikini helps. Perhaps you should contribute a pix for our bikini thread!:shysmile:
  16. Thanks so much for the advice. I think I might have to look at the other cable outlet and see where it leads to and do that to the second room. If that doens't work then maybe comcast uses some magic programming that I don't know of. Anyhow thanks again. ANd about the bikini hahaha no prob!

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