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Discussion in 'Spyware' started by iq214, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. iq214

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    sheesh what is happening here..Ive used adaware for ages no prob but suddenly today it wont allow me to check off found files for deleting after the scan is done. I tried installing the newest and that wont allow me to check off the boxes either even though it actually found a couple of new ones, including th topsearch and a few others it actually calls a possible browser take over attempt!! Weird and wild, whats going on..anyone??
  2. MorningSon

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    i remember someone told me that there was some new software that's german and better than ad-aware...
  3. notbob

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    running processes won't delete--ror instance "gain" and "gator" have to be killed in the task manager before ad aware can delete them

    a browser hijacker is tricky too, since ie has a nasty habit of running all the time, so you can't delete leech programs that attach to it

    do what that other person said--get the list of files from ad aware, then delete them manually in safe mode
  4. iq214

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    Krell you got it, adaware as usual detects some regkeys and some cookies but when the scan is done and I "continue" and it lists the findings, adaware does not allow me to check the appropriate boxes, so that when I again continue there is nothing selected for removal. I uninstalled my old adaware and downloaded and installed the newest but still, its a no go..I dont know why this has suddenly started because Ive used adaware forever..Also, I should add that at least the cookies arent new, so Ive been able to select the same files for deletion before. They do however seem to recreate themselves, and this new adaware seemingly calls the regkeys it finds possible browser hijacking attempts, and these also are recreated because I deleted all keys and cookies manually since adaware wouldnt but now they are there again. Maybe I should delete them in the way STONER advices, and I agree with him I should control my own puter and not let 3rd party software do it BUT..I was just born with too great hair to be nerdy enough for that kind of control..But Stoner, I am reading your post again very carefully now, Ill see if that will remove these damn keys and files.
  5. iq214

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    notbob, sounds reasonable, the "possible hijack attempts" are all keys in the IE search reg..This must be related to kazaa 2.0 as far as I can deduct, but how..hmm..I should mention I use kaza with fake dll..I did however manage to find them all and delete them the other night, but now they are all there again. It makes sence when you say adaware wont delete running processes but a doubleclick cookie and a fastclick cookie wont delete either and how can those be "running" processes..and how can they persistently recreate themselves so that they appear nomatter how many times I delete them..????

  6. It sounds like you've picked up one of those regenerating spyware files, which is hidden somewhere in your system files, I ran across one once that somehow was regenerating from the recycle bin itself, I don't know what genius came up with that one, but it was a pain in the but to get rid of. This type of file seems to work extremely well when its in the Windows environment, because I had it trapped in the recycle bin but Windows refused to delete it, because Windows reported it as a running program, running from my recycle bin believe it or not, I knew if I restarted the machine the program would reinstall itself like it had already repeatedly done. I wasn't ready to go my all out drastic route which is to break out my cloned hardrive and completely restore my Op Sys, because I had files on the drive I hadn't backed up yet, but needless to say my anger and frustration levels were almost to that point. This is how I got rid of it: I'm using a high speed defrag program called VoptXP, that program will allow you to search through your hardrive clicking on the individual file blocks, it will open each file block independently and give you a read out of every file in that block and the option to delete it, best money I've spent since I've owned my computer. The program also has Tune up capabilities and can Defrag so fast in comparison to Windows, its like a Top Fuel Dragster racing a Soap Box Derby car. You can try the program out for free with a 30 day trial at and I promise you if you give it a try you will buy it. You're still going to have to locate the regenerating file, and corner the sucker to finally get rid of it, it sounds like a real nasty one if it could disable your AdAware program. When you do discover where its hiding, you might post that back here so you can help someone else out if they get it, I haven't given you the location of the culprit but I have given you a way to get rid of it. Ryan
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    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..aha..I would have to locate where its running from..and what the hell it is..Theres both cookies reappearing, fastclick and doubleclick, and they are both .txt files so how can they be "running"? And lately also regkeys from, those are the ones adaware calls possible browser hijack attempt. Even though Ive deleted them manually they reappear so they must be generated from somewhere else as well..Im not trying to test you, I have no clue whats going on, Im just asking away here :) all help is appreciated!
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    ah man I cant format my hd or cdrive, I got tons of proggies on there and all kinds of stuff, it would take me forever to burn it all..and getting a new win2000 from somewhere and bla bla..simply too big a project methinks.
  9. The Hunter

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    :mellow Krell just wodering, but when i had to format I had the best results if I filled it with zeros and then formated, just in case it left shit behind which it did twice so now I getting fussy, or paranoid take your pick. You know a lot more than me about this stuff, I am 49 and just started a year and a half ago. PS shit I am old
  10. Ive never had to format my computer yet and i hope i wont have too cuz i have so much stuff it would take me forever to burn it all although if i absolutely had to i would lol!

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