4th console in the mix?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Undermind, Jan 21, 2003.

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  1. Undermind

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  2. well GS has a link to their site, and in that site, it says it will be windows based. unless this has some supirior power and/or is really cheap, i doubt it will hit it big. it will just be a pc made to run at 640 by 480.
  3. SUprEMeBeiNg

    SUprEMeBeiNg Rofl, you own a pentium?

    its too late that market is saturated XboX rules supreme(like me) and ps2 is for all the retards who think they r good at vid games:cross
  4. wingnut2600

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    I doubt the veracity of this press release, I was reading about this earlier and it just sounds fake. If you even look at the name, it just seems to be a hoax (does a phantom really exist? can you touch--or buy--a ghost?)

    Realistically, it seems as if it would be a multi-emulator similar to MAME or MESS. The legal hurdles to licensing 33,000 titles would be monstrous and I doubt that it could happen "above the board"

    I mean, if you look at it in this manner, I can probably run several times that many games on the PC I have right now. this would not be legal though.

    Another consideration is that people like to play games that are "cutting edge;" what if over half of the games are text-based (think ZORK)? Are little kids going to want to play a game that takes imagination? They want to see the action in explicit detail.

    I would love this system not to be a hoax, but it is very unlikely that it would be capable of doing even a small percentage of the advertised tasks. I never see this coming to fruition as hardware--illegal software, perhaps.
  5. Karizmatik

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    I guess we'll find out in March if this iz gonna be serious or not. I hope it iz cuz it's features sound like it'd be different from tha systems out there right now. I hope if it is serious that it'll be powerful enuff 2 hang when tha "Big Boys" come out wit there next generation systems. Oh well, guess we'll find out...
  6. what makes the xbox supirior? the tech specs? sure. but most of the games dont put them to good use.

    im not going to go thru this fanboy shit... its just retarded. i have a ps2, but i want an xbox too. to me, the GC is worthless. (note: thats TO ME!!!) this cousole, if it is made, will have a decent share of the market. why? cuz its PC based. that means that any game that runs on ur pc will run on it. (im assuming alot here.... a) the sytem is more worthwhile than a comperable pc, b) it is actually pc based c)it actually comes out)

    dont start bashing one system in favor of another... it just proves how retarded you really are.
  7. Undermind

    Undermind Know Your Enemy

    yeah, a lot of shit sounds too good to be true for one system, but we'll see, I'm not jumping on no band wagons in a hurry though, I'm quite happy w/ my GC, and I agree w/ SB on the PS2 thing, LOL

    *Edit* Tempted to get an xbox, but they still need just a little more offerings before I shell out the cash

    To Wonderboy, GC is not totally useless, can be used as a glorified coaster at times, LOL
  8. Platinum Theory

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    Any1 heard about this new gaming console?, they say its will be revolutionary. here are few facts about 'Phantom'

    The ability to demo a game before purchasing it
    The opportunity to play Games on Demand
    The ability to Pay Per Play or Rent a game
    The peace of mind to have Parental Controls so only adults can access games with mature content
    Choices of Over 50,000 Games
    Choices of Over 5,000 Multi-Player Games
    The ability of Cross Platform Gaming, that is, Phantom Players versus PC players

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  9. Platinum Theory

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    This is the press release

    New Gaming Console To Take Game Performance To Highest Level -
    Bundled With More Games Than Any Competitor

    Longboat Key, Florida – January 20, 2003 - A Tampa Bay area technology company, Infinium Labs Corporation, will develop and market a new game console that will outperform the XBOX, Sony Playstation II, and GameCube.

    The company plans to market a high performance gaming console and delivery system to provide consumers with options and capabilities that are not available in today’s marketplace. The console will appeal to the hard-core gamer and the high end consumer electronic purchaser. This next generation game console provides a robust, fault tolerant delivery system that supports games on demand, game rentals, game demos, seamless upgrades and patch management. The game console is an “ALWAYS ON BROADBAND DEVICE.” It is easy enough for children to use independently yet so advanced it exceeds the needs of hard-core gamers.

    Infinium Labs was formed by veteran entrepreneurs who have a successful track record in building large scale companies and advanced architectures for supporting massive eCommerce and enterprise applications. Combining skills from Telco, Data Communications, Digital Rights Management, Software Development and Security, the management team brings together a unique array of skills to develop the most robust next generation gaming console and delivery network on the market.

    The Infinium Labs game console features a high tech design and offers ease of use for the variety of game players worldwide. The on-demand delivery system will appeal to hard-core gamers as well as casual users. The unique design architecture allows for delivery of a large number of games and the ability to participate in online massive multiplayer gaming. Key features include:

    · Fastest console on the market

    · Broadest selection of preloaded games

    · Cross Platform capabilities

    · State of the art design and architecture

    · Advanced accessories and wireless capabilities

    · Online connectivity for multi player gaming

    · Seamless upgrades and patch management

    · A multi tiered subscription service that meets the needs of casual, moderate and hard-core game players

    · Demo games before purchasing or subscribing

    · Games on demand

    · Game Rentals

    The advanced system provides game developers and publishers a secure and efficient software distribution system. Infinium Labs intends for game developers and publishers to reap greater profits using this new game delivery system.

    Infinium Labs has engineered its prototypes and expects to unveil the new gaming console in March of 2003. The company intends to launch the game console to the U.S. consumer market by November 2003.

    Infinium Labs has chosen Florida as its corporate headquarters. Florida has emerged as a leader in support of technology companies with its eFlorida initiative. Offices will also open soon in Silicon Valley and St. Louis, Missouri.

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  10. Platinum Theory

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    damn 130 second rule, just posting a couple of pics

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  11. Platinum Theory

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    ok, last one

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  12. phalkon30

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    Wingnut hit it on the head as usual, I completely agree with him, when I first heard the name, I thought you were talking about somekind of vaporware, or vaporhardware

    Give me a few hours with photoshop, and I'm sure I could create a more convincing picture, it looks completely fake

    The other thing that turned me away, is how they said 50,000 games available for it, in otherwords, yeah, its a computer with special software, designed to run windows games

    If it comes out, I will personally shove a can up my ass, in otherwords, I don't think its gonna happen
  13. hehe... im going to hold you to that...
  14. Platinum Theory

    Platinum Theory Evolution Syndicate Ryder

    this is the console

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  15. phalkon30

    phalkon30 Jay Leno Geek

    hehehe...would you really want proof of that?
  16. Jared592

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    ...Umm....This is more of a bottle, but I'm sure Phalkon can do a can with ease. :p

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  17. lol as much i would like to see the can "go there" and as much as i would like to see this console come out i highly doubt either will happen and if any of us vould be bothered we could probaly research it a bit and find out its fake but insted we are just lazy and just dream and speculate lol :D sounds like me... lol ciao
  18. Lord_of_the_Dense

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    Phantom's Price Range and Further Details Unveiled

    Famitsu recently interviewed Tom Hentschell, VP of Business Development, Tom Wong, Chief Financial Officer, and Royal O'Brien, DiStream CEO, unveiling for the first time a general release date, price range, and some specs for the mysterious console.

    Q: What is the biggest characteristic of the Phantom?

    Wong: I would say that it's approach is very different from other game consoles. With a Phantom there's no need of going to a store to purchase software, because the game is right there for you when you download it.

    Read entire story here.
  19. infringer

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    Strange... Never heard of this one...


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