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Discussion in 'File Sharing' started by mexicanman97, Jan 4, 2003.

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  1. mexicanman97

    mexicanman97 Member

    Why do i never get near 40 sources?
  2. PornMaster

    PornMaster I Invented Porn!

    well, for one thing, what kazaa lite version are you using?

    and also, if you just have plain old kazaa lite, it limits your sources too 8.

    if you have k++ then you should get unlimited sources but that doesn't neccisarly mean your gunna get 40 sources, if your searching for very popual files then you should get around 15-18(give or take a few). if your searching for semi-popual files then you should get around 6-9(give or take a few). if your searching for very rare files then you should get around 1-2(if your lucky)

    hope this helps!!
  3. mexicanman97

    mexicanman97 Member

    Well the thing is i get about say 21 sources from the search, then it dls from 1 or 2.

    Why is this?

    Other programs (Guntella, WinMX) try all of the sources for a file)
  4. rapsuperstar

    rapsuperstar Member

    mexicanman97 kazaa does try all the sources, just because they have the file doesn't mean u can download from them. there upload slots may be full. they may have gone offline, stopped sharing the file. or have cancelled you for not sharing. just be patient and if possible u will get a large number of connections.
  5. PornMaster

    PornMaster I Invented Porn!

    yep, rapsuperstar said it!
  6. AnimeDood

    AnimeDood ^________^

    hm...i would have to say the most users i've downloaded from is 17
  7. vikram_mohan

    vikram_mohan ZP Expert

    Max sources i got is 25-26
  8. cpugeniusmv

    cpugeniusmv Computer Genius Established Member

    i got 19 last night.
  9. jlee48

    jlee48 Member

    Mostly just comes down to luck... I've had k++ for about a few days now and with everything I've downloaded, most went pretty quickly with around 5-7 sources each, but just now as I'm downloading a TV ep, my speed went up to 176 kbps (cable modem) and up to 18 sources at one time. It's a less popular file than others I've tried, but it's going well.. definitely the best luck I've had with just about anything so far..
  10. phalkon30

    phalkon30 Jay Leno Geek

    If a user goes offline while sharing files, it takes about ten minutes for his files to clear the network, which is why when you download from a search, some of them don't have sources

    Get the latest version of K++ from www.k-lite.tk and then leave it up to luck, if there are 2 sources to download from, it won't download from 40, it only has those 2 to work with

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