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Safeguarding Your Smartphone’s Data While Using Public WiFi

So you’re sipping coffee at your favorite cafe. You’re connected to the free WiFi to check your Facebook account, maybe take a quick peek at your PayPal balance, and read the headlines.


Play Boom Beach on Your Windows PC

Have you tried the awesome game Boom Beach yet? If not, check it out.


Download MP3s from YouTube

Ever since MTV descended into reality show hell, favoring Real World and Jersey Shore over any actual music television, YouTube has emerged as music video Nirvana.


Google to Offer FREE Wi-Fi at all Starbucks

Google announces plans to roll out faster, free Wi-Fi connections to all Starbucks stores in the United States over the next 18 months with speeds “up to 10x faster than before.” The Net has become as vital to our lives as other utilities like electricity and running water.


Facebook Working on a News-Reading Interface Product

Facebook has been working on a news reading product that could directly compete with other similar sites such as Flipboard. After weeks of rumors, it appears that Facebook is indeed launching a news-reading interface, code-named Reader.

Skype video messaging

Amateur porno– another way to perceive sexuality!

Searching the Internet for different subjects, it’s impossible not to come throughout to adult material. Pornography is widely found online, being accessible and free of charge, presented with home made porno izle videos and other streaming media.


Vuclip Increasing Its Reach in the Mobile Video Streaming Network

Vuclip has nearly doubled its traffic size over the last four months and is looking to expand its reach even further by buying more assets.

ios 7 API

Apple iOS 7 Brings Numerous APIs for Game Developers

Apple’s iOS 7, announced at WWDC, has added a number of new APIs for game developers to utilize for a better gaming experience. Among the many announcements from WWDC one of the major ones was the introduction of the Apple iOS 7.


Opinion: Why Malware as an Anti-Piracy Method is Doomed to Fail

Late last month, a report by the IP Commission caused a stir amongst advocates. Among the recommendations was the call to hack into an alleged copyright infringer’s computer and either delete infringing material, lock down the computer altogether, or physically destroy the computer entirely.

CNN BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed Partners with CNN to YouTube News Channel

Popular news and meme aggregator BuzzFeed has announced a partnership with CNN and YouTube to create an online-video channel called CNN BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is one of the largest and most popular social news site and meme aggregator with 25 million monthly unique visitors.

twitter amplify

Twitter Amplify Offers Real-Time Videos in Its Stream

Twitter partners with BBC, Fox, Fuse and the Weather Channel in order to offer real-time videos in the Twitter Amplify stream. In terms of real-time chatter on the internet, Twitter is the place to go.

yahoo tumblr

Tumblr Officially Bought Out By Yahoo for $1.1 Billion

After a week of rumors, Yahoo! officially announces its buyout of Tumblr for $1.1 billion with vows to keep the service independent. It’s official. Yahoo is buying out the up and coming blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion, mostly in cash.

mt. gox bitcoin

Mt. Gox Dwolla Facing Financial Issues with US Authorities

Feds seize assets from Mt. Gox Dwolla account and accuse the service of violating money transfer regulations. Bitcoin is growing rapidly with several companies investing thousands of dollars on the venture. The Japanese startup Mt.


Brightcove Announces Live Streaming Module for Its Platform

New Brightcove Video Cloud Live module will allow Brightcove users to easily stream live events on a wide variety of devices. In order to be competitive in the video streaming service, companies need to stand out from streaming giants like Netflix.

Google drive storage

Google Combines Paid and Free Storage for It’s Platforms

Google web users now have access to 15GB of storage shared between Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. Until recently, Google users needed to keep track of free storage on all Google products separately.


Dutch Government Proposes Bill to Hack Your Computer

The Dutch government is proposing a bill that would allow the government to hack anyone’s computer – including those located outside of the Netherlands. The bill was signed by Ivo Opstelten and published.

skype logo

Skype Battles Another Patent Infringement Suit for Its Services

Copytele, a patent enforcement entity, has filed a patent infringement suit against Skype’s calling and messaging service.

wavii logo

Wavii Officially Confirms Google Buy Today

Wavii, a natural language technology startup, confirms the Google buyout today by shutting down its service and updating its logo. There was speculation earlier this week about Google’s acquisition of Wavii, rumored to cost Google north of $30 million.

google earth pro

Google Earth Pro 7.1 Launches Just in Time for Earth Day

New Google Earth Pro 7.1 offers improved map-making and printing options and a new Viewshed Tool. Just in time to celebrate Earth Day, Google has launched their improved Google Earth and Google Earth Pro 7.1 edition.


Voddler Takes It’s Video Streaming and Sharing Service Global

Voddler, often described as Sweden’s Spotify for video, has announced that it will extend its service to the rest of the world in the upcoming weeks. Until today Voddler’s film and TV streaming service has only been available to users in Scandinavia and Spain.

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