Top 10 Music Extensions for Chrome

A list of the top 10 Chrome music extensions that add a soundtrack to your web surfing. We all love

Playjack for Chrome Turns YouTube into Music Streaming Service

Playjack extension for Google Chrome lets you search, play, and organize YouTube music videos to create the ultimate free music Services Discontinued or Behind Paywall in Global Market desktop radio services will be discontinued in some countries while others will be behind a paywall beginning January 15.

Spotify Takes Second Place for Most Record Label Revenue Generated

One of the many things that record labels have said in the past is that because physical record labels have

Winamp: 15yr Slide from Media Player Dominance to Obscurity

The formerly must-have media player software quietly celebrates its 15th anniversary with a new mobile version of Winamp for Android

Universal Music Buying EMI – An Anti-Trust Concern?

Universal Music is trying to convince anti-trust regulators that buying EMI does not create anti-competitive concerns. Critics argue that having

Spotify App Offers Free Streaming Radio for iPhone, iPad

Popular online music streaming service drops the $10 monthly fee for mobile streaming, and allows users to discover, save and enjoy an unlimited

Company Selling Internet Music Monitoring Service – Concerning or Not?

Recently, we received a tip about a company creating software that would actively monitor websites in search of anyone posting

What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 19 – Biggest Threat to the Recording Industry? The Recording Industry

This is it. We’ve reached the end of our long series of what the file-sharing studies are really saying. This

What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 17 – Culture and Ethics of FileSharing

We are now on the final three studies in our series of file-sharing studies we are reviewing. If you can

What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 15 – People Who Download Buy More

We are now well into the final stretch of our long-running series of what file-sharing studies really have to say.

What Filesharing Studies Really Say – Part 14 – File-Sharing Litigation Never Worked In Asia Either

In the previous study we covered here on ZeroPaid, we saw an interesting point that lowering prices is, perhaps, the

Ofthemuse: Social DJ Site for Discovering New Music

Players use their taste in music to compete against one another, their playing selections voted on by listeners; when a

Top 5 Free Alternatives to iTunes

A list of the top 5 free alternatives to rescue you from Apple’s iTunes software. Apple usually excels at producing

Hypegram: Discover and Listen to Latest, Most Popular Music on the Web

Windows program harnesses the experience of Hype Machine, the site that monitors tons of music blogs to keep track of

Top 5 Free iPhone Music Apps

Five free iPhone music apps that will expand your musical horizons. With built-in players, iPhone and iPad music apps might

Elpis: Desktop Client for Browser-Free Pandora Listening

Lightweight program frees Pandora from your browser so that you can listen to Pandora streaming radio from your desktop with

Music2pc: Find, Download Millions of Songs Online for Free – Even at Work!

Free program with no ads, spyware, or malware of any kind allows users to search among more than 100 million

Splash.FM : The Social Network for Discovering New Music

New site uses the power of social networking to help discover and share good music with family, friends and others.