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Ever since MTV descended into reality show hell, favoring Real World and Jersey Shore over any actual music television, YouTube has emerged as music video Nirvana.


Top 10 Music Extensions for Chrome

A list of the top 10 Chrome music extensions that add a soundtrack to your web surfing. We all love a little background music while browsing the web, but finding software that provides a hassle-free listening experience can be a challenge.


Playjack for Chrome Turns YouTube into Music Streaming Service

Playjack extension for Google Chrome lets you search, play, and organize YouTube music videos to create the ultimate free music player. I’ve already mentioned tons of free online music streaming services, and new ones seem to appear all the time.


This Is My Jam: Share & Discover Songs that “Truly Matter Most”

Free online music streaming service allows you to share and discover songs that “truly matter truly matter to your friends.” There are tons of free music streaming services out there,  each with their own little niche way of delivering users the music they want to hear.


Public Enemy Using BitTorrent to Collaborate With Fans

Hip hop group offering free BitTorrent Bundle that fans can download and unlock 37 acapellas and stems with which to create their own Public Enemy mix; and if the group “likes what they hear” you can win a prize.


Giggem Provides Matchmaking Service for Musicians

New service Giggem allows musicians to find and connect with other musicians, managers and other industry professionals. Even in this day and age it can be difficult to find the right band members that have the same style and interests.

pandora TV

Pandora Launches Browser-Based TV Experience on Xbox 360 and PS3

Pandora releases a new browser-based interface for TVs that will run semi-natively on the Xbox360 and PS3. For those that happen to have an Xbox 360 or PS3, you might be happy to hear that these two consoles now support the new HTML-5 based Pandora interface for TVs.


BitTorrent Announces Free Download of Official Roots Picnic Mixtape

Free album download containing songs from scores of artists scheduled to appear at the 6th Annual Roots Picnic in Philadelphia on June 1st. BitTorrent Inc.


BeatDeck Analytics Help Musicians Understand Their Fans

BeatDeck allows musicians and labels track their song performances across various social media accounts. For musicians, keeping track of all the different social media sites and analyzing the data. BeatDeck offers a free solution to this problem.

google play music all access

Google Play Music All Access Offers On-Demand Subscription Service

Google has unveiled the Google Play Music All Access service at their I/O that will directly compete with other on-demand music services like Spotify.

Spacebar App

Spacebar Allows Users to Listen In On Concerts

Spacebar app streams the audio from a concert in real-time directly to users iOS mobile device for the price of a couple dollars. Whether you don’t have enough time to go to a concert or simply are not in the area, it’s always a letdown when you cannot see your favorite band perform.


Twitter Launches Service for Discovering New Music

Uses Twitter activity to “detect and surface the most popular tracks and emerging artists” and delivers them on the iOS app or the web. Last week we mentioned how Twitter was rumored to have a new music service in the works, and now it’s officially gone live.

BBM Music

BBM Music Will Officially Shut Down June 2nd

Blackberry will begin phasing out BBM Music in April with complete shutdown of the music streaming service June 2nd.

Spotify whats next

Spotify Announces Integration Deal with LG for Media Players

Spotify announced that they have struck an integration deal with LG to offer Spotify premium services on a range of connected LG media devices. LG and Spotify have announced that the popular streaming service will be available on all LG smart media products released this year.

pandora screenshot

Pandora Now Available on Windows Phone 8

Pandora is now available on all Windows 8 phone and will offer users an ad-free experience until the end of 2013. Back in October of 2012, Microsoft announced that the Pandora App would be available for their Windows Phone 8 and offer one full year of unlimited, ad-free music.

Couch Player

Couch Player App Places Emphasis on Playlists

Couch player app refines the built-in Apple Music app with more of a focus on the user’s playlists. Clever & Son have billed themselves as the maker of premium apps. The branding is fairly accurate as their newest app, Couch Player, lives up to the slogan.


7digital Expands Its Music Service to Emerging Markets Worldwide

7digital music streaming service is now offering its technology to emerging markets in India, South America and South Africa. logo Services Discontinued or Behind Paywall in Global Market desktop radio services will be discontinued in some countries while others will be behind a paywall beginning January 15. Although a leader in the music streaming business, is looking to scale back their operations and make more money from their current business.

hypegram mac 2

Hypegram: Discover, Listen to Latest, Most Popular Music from the Web on Your Mac

Harness the music discovery power of Hype Machine, the site that monitors a multitude of music blogs to, and enjoy an “easy, simple and beautiful” music listening experience right on your desktop.

Soundrop App Play Guetta

Soundrop Introduces New SDK So Users Can Create Their Own Music App

Soundrop has implemented a new SKD that allows users to create their own Spotify-Soundrop powered music app.

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