Top 5 Camera Apps for the iPhone

A rundown of five of the best camera apps available for Apple’s iPhone. These days there really is no excuse

Top 10 Free Apps for the New iPhone 4S

A collection of ten of the better free apps around for new iPhone 4S owners looking to get the most

MagicJack: App for Making Free Wi-Fi Phone Calls on Your iPhone, iPad

MagicJack: App for Making Free Wi-Fi Phone Calls on Your iPhone, iPad

MagicJack app doesn’t use your mobile minutes, does not require a voice plan, and allows you to make FREE calls

Crackle: Free App for Streaming Free Movies, TV Shows on Android, iPhone, and iPad

Crackle offers free Android, iPhone, and iPad app that allows users to watch free full-length Hollywood movies and TV series

5 More Top Anti-Virus Apps for Android

Another list of some of the more popular anti-virus apps for Android around to help Android users protect themselves from Launches Free App for the iPhone, iPad

Now users can tune in to, the social-media site that lets people play and listen to songs with friends

G+ 7: Google+ Desktop Gadget for Windows 7

Desktop gadget for Windows 7 keeps you updated with your Google+ stream. Google+ users are always looking for way to

Top 5 Android Apps for Trips, Travel

A roundup of the top 5 Android apps to have while travelling. It’s hard to imagine a life before smartphones:

Top 5 Games for Google Plus

A roundup of the top 5 games available for Google+ Games. Facebook has it’s games of course, but many are

Gooce+ Extension Adds Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter Feeds to Google+

New extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox combines your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter feeds with your Google Plus streams.

Top 5 Anti-Virus Apps for Android

Top 5 Anti-Virus Apps for Android

A roundup of five of the top anti-virus apps for Android so that users can protect their devices from trojans,

Top 5 BitTorrent Apps for Android Phones

A quick rundown of the top 5 BitTorrent apps for Android phones to monitor and download content on the go.

Play by Yahoo! Music Android App Plays, Identifies Music

Play by Yahoo! Music combines song identification with music library management in a blazing fast Android app package. Play by

Photogram – iPhone App Lets You Create Multi-Pic Postcards

Can send multiple photos using dozens of “handcrafted” themes to freinds and family via Email, Facebook, and Twitter. There’s a

MP3 Music Downloader – Android App for Free Music

Android music app lets you download MP3 music files for free on the go. With smartphones quietly revolutionizing the way

iTransmission – BitTorrent Client for iPhone, iPad

Fully-featured native BitTorrent client on iOS. Works on iPhone iOS 4.0 and above, and iPad iOS 3.2 and above. BitTorrent

Will Prior Art Doom Apple’s Anti-Theft iPhone Patent?

There’s a bit of commotion with a new patent request by Apple over on Slashdot today. The claim is that

iPad as Video Device? Not So Much

In the unlikely case you were somehow unaware of the big news from yesterday, Apple announced the iPad, a new

BitTorrent on the iPhone?

Hacker announces the release of preliminary version of the Transmission BitTorrent client for Apple’s iPhone. I’m not entirely sure how

Steve Jobs Expands iPhone Rebate, Offers $100 Gift Card to Previous Buyers

Apple fanboys everywhere rejoice. Several days ago at an Apple gathering in San Fransisico, a number of new Apple products