Top 5 Security Apps for iPhones

Apps to protect your personal information, your sensitive data, and your peace of mind. We know we should take steps

The Pirate Helper: Add Torrent Search Links to iMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and MovieFone

Easy-to-install Greasemonkey script adds torrent search links for the The Pirate Bay, Demonoid, AllSubs, Google Torrent, and YouTube Trailer search

6 Top iPhone Apps for Shopping

A rundown of the top iPhone shopping apps to help you save time and money. Gone are the days when

GIMP: Free, Open Source Photo Editing Software for Mac, Windows, Linux

Versatile image editing program, considered an open source competitor to Adobe Photoshop, features detailed image retouching, photo enhancement, free-form drawing,

FrostWire 5.3 is “Easier, Nicer, and Better” for Downloading and Sharing Files

FrostWire, the popular LimeWire alternative, gets a number of upgrades and improvements that make it easier to download movies, music,

Chrome Extensions for Work

Chrome extensions to help you work harder, play harder and hide from your boss. As one of the top browsers

Flash Block Stops Annoying Web Videos, Makes Webpages Load Faster

Extension for Google’s Chrome browser automatically blocks flash content from playing on webpages, making pages load faster and reducing memory

5 Free iPad Entertainment Apps

A list of free iPad entertainment apps covering TV shows, movies, books and music. Smaller than a laptop and bigger

The Future of the Smartphone: How Things Will Change in 5 Years

5 features that will revolutionize your smartphone in the next 5 years. Stop for a moment. Reach into your pocket

The Best Free Social iPad Apps

A round-up of the best free social iPad apps that will keep your digital life thriving. Is there anything the

Facebook Messenger for Windows: Chat, Live News Feed on Your Desktop

Facebook Messenger for Windows app lets you interact with your Facebook friends from your desktop. Let’s face it: Facebook has

Dragon Go! is the Better Voice Recognition App for Android

Dragon Go! is a far superior alternative to Android’s standard voice command app, having already proved itself with its powerful

RapidShare Launches Mobile App for iPhone

New RapidShare app for iPhone lets you share, upload, or stream content on the go. File-hosting site RapidShare is expanding

ZeroPaid Reviews LibreOffice – An Open Source Office Suite

A few months ago, there was some fanfare about an alternative to the OpenSource personal productivity suite This split

Ghost Incognito: Chrome Extension Maximizes Web Browsing Privacy

Extension for Google’s Chrome browser offers one-tap web browsing in incognito mode, and is set to default for all pornographic

Top 5 Free Weather Apps for Android

A review of some of the best weather apps for android smartphones around. With the wet and cold winter season

Top 5 Thanksgiving Apps for the iPhone

A recommended mix of apps for shopping, games, cocktails, cooking, and sports entertainment to use during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

Top 5 Free Facebook Apps for Android

A rundown of five of the more popular Facebook apps for use on Android smartphones. Wether we want to admit

5 More Top Free Android Apps for Trips, Travel

A collection of five more apps that every Android user should consider installing before they travel. Smartphones have become the

Facebook Messenger: Free Text, IM Chat on Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry

Send messages to contacts the have Facebook Messenger installed, chat with friends on Facebook, or use to simply send text