How to Use DVD Shrink

Quick, easy-to-use guide for those unfamiliar with the DVD Shrink program. Recently, compressed domain transcoders have reached quite some popularity.

How To Download From UseNet For Free Using NZB Files Via ISP

Usenet is a network that is often referred to as a service that allows people to communicate to one another.

What is BitTorrent?

Many people are still unaware of what exactly BitTorrent is or what it does. BitTorrent is a P2P protocol, or

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Tutorial on how to turn any PC into a DJ booth to broadcast your favorite music from home, at a

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On the road and wish you had your music? Does your friend’s music library suck? Well, Winamp just got a

Free online video ripping with Zamzar

This easy to use site lets you rip video from internet clips on sites like YouTube and MySpace without any

Azureus – A Beginner’s Guide to BitTorrent Downloading

Easy step-by-step guide that will help you start downloading movies, music, TV shows, and more in no time at all.

How to share YouTube clips using BitTorrent

Hey!Watch not only lets you download and convert almost any type of online video clip, but it also automatically generates

Stream thousands of Rock N’ Roll concert classics for free on “Wolfgang’s Vault”

The site lets you listen to the tons of concert recordings that the venerable concert promoter Bill Graham collected over

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A quick step guide that will show you how to rip audio from MySpace and any other site that allows

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A great article on how to improve your BitTorrent spreeds when downloading small or large torrents. One of the most

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If you ever wondered what the heck a FLAC or an OGG file is, this guide will tell you everything

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An easy step-by-step guide that will teach you the ins and outs of using this popular DVD authoring program. There

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How to rip and burn DVDs using the popular WinAVI program. There are many programs to choose from when creating a

WinRAR – File Archive Tutorial

TAR, stands for tape archive, from when archives were initially backed up on magnetic tape. The .TAR format can archive

VCD, SVCD, and DVD, what they are and how to burn them.

There are a four basic video media formats out there that one will encounter when downloading and burning to disc.

Advanced Azureus Techniques

There are a ton of cool and awesome settings on Azureus that often go either unnoticed or simply overlooked by

Ready to be an Internet DJ?

A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO GIVE A GLOBAL SHOUTOUT WITH SHOUTCAST AND WINAMP For those budding internet spinsters out there

Defragmenting Your PC

Why defrag ment your PC? Regularly scheduled defragmentation your PC is very important in maintaining your hard drive’s optimum performance.