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Safeguarding Your Smartphone’s Data While Using Public WiFi

So you’re sipping coffee at your favorite cafe. You’re connected to the free WiFi to check your Facebook account, maybe take a quick peek at your PayPal balance, and read the headlines.

Apple TV

Apple TV Update Now Offers HBO GO and WatchESPN

Apple TV now has two new content sources thanks to HBO GO and WatchESPN integration and has also added new content partners. In order to compete against other set-top boxes like Roku, Apple TV has updated their platform and  is now fully integrated with HBO Go and WatchESPN.

fan TV

Fan TV Announces Set-Up Box for Live TV and More

Fan TV’s new set-up box combines the best parts of TV, DVR, and VOD and also gives users access to their favorite streaming services. Several years ago, Fanhattan unveiled its search and discovery app for the iPad.


Fairphone Opens Pre-Sales of Ethically Sourced Smartphone

Fairphone opens up European pre-sales to the general public for the first ethically sourced smartphone in the world.  Three years ago the Netherlands-based hardware initiative Fairphone began as a project to highlight the use of conflict minerals in the use of electronics.

galaxy mega 6.3

Galaxy Mega Heading to Europe and Russia in May

The 6.3 inch and 5.8 inch Samsung Galaxy Mega “phablet” will hit shelves in Europe and Russia around May. After months of speculation, Samsung has finally confirmed the arrival of a new sub-brand of the Galaxy, the Galaxy Mega.

T-Mobile iPhone

T-Mobile Promotes iPhones with Trade-in Deals

With the iPhone coming to T-Mobile on April 12th, the phone service provider hopes to boost new customers with trade-in offers. Last year, T-Mobile lost around 2.1 million monthly contracts, due in part to its poor smartphone implementation.


OUYA Consoles Ship Out to Early Kickstarter Backers

Android-based portable home gaming system, the OUYA, ships out to early Kickstarter Backers and will hit shelves this summer. Back in July 2012, Julie Uhrman started a Kickstarter to crowd-fund her project, the OUYA.

Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD Lineup Will Not Reduce the 7-Inch to $99

Amazon denies rumors that they will cut the price of the  7-Inch Kindle Fire HD model to $99, but does not refute the possibility of a new $99 model. In order to expand their customer base in the US and abroad, Amazon has already reduced the prices of their popular 8.

roku 3

Roku 3 Offers a Faster and More Powerful Media Player

New Roku 3 available for online order for $99 has improved hardware and redesigned user interface for a faster experience. Customers who have been holding off on buying the Roku 2 XS might want to reconsider the purchase as the Roku 3 is now available for purchase for $99.

razer edge tablet

Razer Edge Tablets for Hardcore Gamers Available for Pre-Order in March

New gamer Razer Edge tablets will be available for pre-order March 1st and will ship later in the month. For serious gamers, the apps on the standard tablets like the iPad may be too simplistic to satisfy their gaming needs.


HTC One Smartphone Announced at New York and London Event

After weeks of speculation and leaks, HTC announces their latest smartphone the HTC One set to launch worldwide in March 22nd. HTC announced today the launch of their newest flagship phone the HTC One.


HTC One Phone Image Leaked Before MWC Conference

HTC flagship phone, reportedly called the HTC One, images leaked before proposed debut date later this month at Mobile World Congress. HTC is planning on debuting their newest phone, now rumored to be called HTC One, at the Mobile World Congress hosted February 19 in New York City.

Apple iPad 128GB

Apple Announces 128GB iPad with Retina

Apple announced today a 128GB version of the iPad with retina display available for purchased on February 5th. Great news for everyone who has filled up all 64GB of their iPad. Apple has just announced the release of their newest model of retina iPad which will have 128GB of storage space.


Sifteo Gaming Cube Brings Interactivity to the Mobile Platform

Sifteo comes out with their newest generation of interactive gaming cubes that allow users to add or subtract cubes to build changing game boards, world maps and more. Mobile gaming has taken over the gaming market by storm due to its accessibility to broad audience and its interactivity.

nexus 10 3

Google Bests Apple with New Nexus 10 Tablet

Google put the pressure on their main rivals with the announcement of their latest Nexus tablet. Google have announced the impending arrival of the new Nexus 10 tablet.

google nexus 10

Google Plans to Unveil New Nexus Products At NYC Event

Google plans to unveil their newest line of Nexus products – Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 – to the public at an NYC Android event. For all  you Android lovers out there, mark your calendars.


Best Bluetooth Speakers: Ditching the Dock in 2013

We review the top selling portable Bluetooth speakers that will give you great sound without putting a dent in your wallet.

ipad mini

iPad Mini, iPad 4 and More Unveiled at Apple San Jose Event

Apple unveils the rumored iPad mini, iPad 4, MacBook Mini and new 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina  at their most recent event. There was a lot of buzz before the September 12 Apple conference obviously about the iPhone 5, but also about the potential iPad mini.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note II to Hit AT&T November 9

Samsung Galaxy Note II for sale November 9 and available for pre-order October 25. After all of the trials and tribulations that Samsung has faced in the wake of the Apple storm, they are finally releasing the Galaxy Note II in the US.


Top 5 E-Readers

E-readers have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Avid readers might feel reluctant to give up on their traditional paper and ink, but there are several key advantages to using an e-reader instead.

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