Time Warner Fights Mass Porn BitTorrent Lawsuits

Limits IP address lookups to no more than 10 a month, pushing the time it would take to reveal the

Judge Deals Another Setback to Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits

US District Judge John Preston Bailey rules that simply committing the same type of copyright infringement in the same manner

“Pioneer One,” BitTorrent-Only TV Series, Continues With New Episodes

This past June “Pioneer One” broke new ground by becoming the first made-for-BitTorrent TV show, and now continues that effort

Michael Jackson’s New Album “Michael” Leaks to BitTorrent

Debuts on BitTorrent tracker sites everywhere well ahead of its official December 14th release date. Following in a long line

Pirate Bay Appeal Trial Reaffirms Copyright Infringement Charges

Sweden’s Svea Court of Appeal gives three of the four co-founders varying lengths of prison time, and requires them to

DC Judge Gives US Copyright Group Until Dec 6th to Sue

Federal Judge Rosemary Collyer denies US Copyright group’s request to extend the deadline for identifying and serving Defendants in the

MPAA Defends Web Censorship Legislation

Interim MPAA head Bob Pisano says the First Amendment “was not intended as a shield for those who steal, irrespective

Charter Plans “Strict” Enforcement of Data Caps, Bandwidth Throttling

ISPs updates its “No Excessive Use of Bandwidth” so that the heaviest of bandwidth users face strict enforcement of monthly

FAST Can’t Believe UK Govt to Review Digital Economy Act

Federation Against Software Theft calls it “staggering” that after “years of consultation, of debate and of Parliamentary time” the Act

RIAA Submits its Own List of “Notorious Markets”

Music industry follows the lead of the MPAA and submits its own list of the world’s “most notorious markets” to

Porn Industry Targets 16,827 BitTorrent Users and Counting

Adult Copyright Company files copyright infringement complaint against another 9,729 BitTorrent users, the largest John Doe mass lawsuit ever, and

RIAA: LimeWire Operators Shouldn’t be “Proud” of Their Service

Says the injunction represents a “significant step in the bright future of digital music,” and encourages former users to consider

Chamber of Commerce Claims “Growing Support” for Filtering the Web

Steve Tepp, Senior Director of Internet Counterfeiting and Piracy for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center, says

LimeWire Ordered to Shutdown P2P Program

U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood orders LimeWire to disable the “searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and/or file distribution functionality, and/or

French Record Labels Identifying 25,000 Pirates p/ Day

French labels trade body director general David El Sayegh says the music industry has been been identifying and submitting the

Business Coalition Demands Govt Shut Down “Rogue Websites”

Says “Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act” is needed to protect and save US jobs, and that concerns authoritarian govts

An Experiment in “Red”

One of the frustrating issues for analysts of the file-sharing phenomenom is that so much of what we know, or

Pirate Bay Warns Guilty Verdict Could Threaten Facebook, Twitter

Defense argues that we’ve seen similar examples over the years of the entertainment industry targeting new technology, everything from radios

Pirate Bay Prosecutor Wants Original Verdict to Stand

Swedish prosecutor Hakan Roswall asks the court to allow the BitTorrent tracker site’s original sentence of one year in prison

Pirate Bay Appeal Trial Day 4: “P2P is About Freedom of Speech”

As Swedish Prosecutor Hakan Roswall and entertainment industry attorneys continue to try and connect the Swedish BitTorrent tracker site co-founders