Movie Director Releases ‘A Lonely Place for Dying’ to BitTorrent Legally

Justin Eugene Evans, the writer and director of ‘A Lonely Place for Dying’ released the first part of the movie

µChat Removes the Need for Servers in Chatrooms

There is an interesting development on the uTorrent site blog. While releasing µTorrent 3.0, the developers have released an interesting

AntiSec Dump Targets Arizona Police a Third Time

The AntiSec movement, which in this case, is headed up by Anonymous, has posted another information dump. It seems apparent

New AntiSec Dump Exposes Viacom and Universal Music on BitTorrent

Just a little while ago, Anonymous, as part of the AntiSec movement, exposed content from several government servers. Now, a

Sick of Sarah BitTorrent Album Surpasses 1 Million Downloads

Takes the “all-girl punk band rocking heavy guitar” just a little over a month to surpass the milestone, and proves,

New Strokes Album “Angles” Leaks to BitTorrent

Album debuts on BitTorrent tracker sites everywhere more than a week before its official March 22nd release date. The Stroks

BitTorrent Inc. Releases “Project Chrysalis”

Finally releases secretive BitTorrent Mainline version 8 so that users can “kick the tires” and give BitTorrent Inc. some feedback

Swedish Cops Arrest BitTorrent Site Uploader

Swedish Anti-Piracy Bureau help nab 25yo suspected of uploading more than 1,000 movies to the BitTorrent tracker site Swebits last

uTorrent App Offers Free Khan Academy Education Videos

BitTorrent Inc. and Khan Academy team up to release a new video catalogue app that offers over 2,000 educational videos

Canadian Music Industry Sues isoHunt – Last Year?!

Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) quietly sued BitTorrent tracker site isoHunt nearly a month before the controversial copyright reform bill

Annual Free Music BitTorrent Download – 4.49GB from SXSW

Once again Greg Hewgill compiles all of the free music made available on the eveent’s site into a two-part BitTorrent

99, 924 Sued So Far in Mass BitTorrent Lawsuit Campaigns

Unnamed researcher also says that 70,914 people in 68 different cases are “still at jeopardy” in these mass file-sharing lawsuits.

Dutch Anti-P2P Group, MPAA Shutter 12 BitTorrent Sites

BREIN teams up with the MPAA to shutdown more unnamed “illegal sites,” but does it even matter? BREIN has been

Google Begins Filtering Cyberlocker, BitTorrent Search Results

Follows through on promise it made last month “prevent terms that are closely associated with piracy from appearing in Autocomplete.”

STUDY: 100 Responsible for 75% of BitTorrent Downloads

Researchers claim that minus “profit-driven top publishers” the amount of content shared would be reduced by as much as 40%,

Kickass Torrents – the Social BitTorrent Site

BitTorrent tracker Kickass Torrents lets you share links to download pages with family and friends via Facebook, Google Buzz, Yahoo, eMail, and

USCG Refiles Several P2P Lawsuits – in Minnesota

US Copyright Group makes good on its promise to target settlement holdouts in courts with proper jurisdiction, targeting two BitTorrent

“Expendables” Producer Also Plans Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits

Plans in the works to sue thousands of BitTorrent users for illegally sharing copies of the movie even though it

Pirate Bay Takes Part in “Blackout for Hungary”

Online protest against Hungary’s new media law that critics say could require journalists to reveal their sources and bloggers to

GUIDE: How to “Download Stuff” with BitTorrent

East step-by-step guide for those wondering how to download stuff with BitTorrent and have just it found it too difficult