Could BitTorrent Inc. be the new model for file-sharing legitimacy?

Other file-sharing companies have tried to go legit and failed as there has never been enough assurances of content security

Is BitTorrent share-ratio enforcement really necessary?

An interesting case study was recently completed which explores the causes and rationale for file-sharing in the P2P community amid

Why Xbox Video Service Needs BitTorrent

There is no doubt that Microsoft was unprepared for video downloading. From slow download speeds, to complete download failures, there

BitTorrent Super Sunday: a look at Thanksgiving weekends top torrents

With today marking the end of the Thanksgiving holidays here in the US, here’s your last chance to relax and

The Pirate Bay expands TV section again, will soon add RSS-feed

The Pirate Bay has an added an extra feature to its site which displays the 50 latest TV shows that

BitTorrent Super Sunday: A look at today’s top torrents

In an effort to boost productivity on Sundays worldwide, I’ve decided to start posting the top torrents for the “laziest”

BitTorrent RSS Feed Toolbar for Firefox

There’s a great BitTorrent toolbar extension available for Firefox that allows you to search torrent tracker sites either by keyword

Ares Gets BitTorrent

Trying to harness the full power of P2P technology, the new Ares version 1.9.4 now offers BitTorrent support as well.

SymTorrent brings BitTorrent to mobile phones

For those of you with with smartphones running the Symbian OS, SymTorrent is a new BitTorrent client server that you

Auto Download Movies, Music, and TV Shows with uTorrent

Sure the Azureus BitTorrent client server has plenty of plugins available but, uTorrent also has one of more the important

BitTorrent Gets Artsy

We all know that BitTorrent and other P2P software have transformed mainstream media distribution but, something that has hitherto gone

Is Electronic Arts going after BitTorrent users?

A BitTorrent user and member of the forums over on Destructoid claims that Electronic Arts, the video game publisher, sent

Controlling uTorrent Remotely: a Beginner’s Guide

A couple of days ago uTorrent at last released a WebUI (Web User Interface) plugin that allows you to control

Man involved with BitTorrent (site EliteTorrents) pleads guilty to copyright theft

The latest conviction is the third in a federal crackdown against providers of pirated works to the Elite Torrents P2P

Downloading Files on the Go with uTorrent

Though personally partial to the Azureus BitTorrent client server, the small memory footprint of µTorrent makes it a a great

Mac BitTorrent Clients Reviewed

Mac OS X is heralded as the most appealing operating system on the market and one of the most capable

Secrets of the Pirate Bay

It’s Saturday night and I’m lounging on a living room sofa surrounded by lanky twenty-somethings in shorts and deep tans.

Azureus gets Commercial Funding

The popular bittorrent client Azureus received funding by BV Capital, a company that previously supported and peerflix. Azureus is

Why don’t they tell us ending Net Neutrality might kill BitTorrent?

Last week’s column was about Bill Gates’ announced departure from day-to-day management at Microsoft and a broad view of the

Throttling Torrent Speeds

An often overlooked aspect of BitTorrent downloading is the magic of "throttling," whereby you periodically adjust the settings of the