Bram Cohen of BitTorrent ranked 3rd most important person on the web

PC World created a list of what it considers to be the “50 Most Important People on the Web,” and

Junk Nova – Cool BitTorrent download site of the day

Junk Nova is a public BitTorrent tracker that indexes torrent trackers in a new and refreshing way, listing the details,

PIC: RIAA sues an Iguana for using BitTorrent?

Another cool BitTorrent tracker related comic, this one brought to you courtesy of comic strip artist Bill Amend. “Mountain Rage,”

Does BitTorrent Inc.’s new video store live up to the hype?

After months and months of hype, curiosity, wonder, and just about every other emotion possible under the sun, BitTorrent Inc

The Pirate Bay abandons plans for a sovereign nation

The world’s most famous BitTorrent pirates decide to drop anchor in their home country of Sweden, saying the whole affair

PIC: World’s first BitTorrent user?

Web comic Scott Johnson gives the world his take on early man’s first encounter with BitTorrent. ExtraLife is Scott Johnson’s

Watch out BitTorrent Inc., Azureus adds new content partner

A new press release from today announces that Azureus and Starz Media will join forces to release popular anime, sci-fi,

Mark Cuban to Bram Cohen: “BitTorrent not DOOMED – has challenges”

An interesting discussion took place on Bram Cohen’s blog in which they two discussed the future of BitTorrent, its bandwidth

BitTorrent Inc. wants to provide a “better experience than piracy”

Ashwin Navin recently discussed his expectations for the upcoming BitTorrent online video download store and its partnering with Netgear Inc

Looks like its Plan B for The Pirate Bay…

With Sealand now giving them the cold-shoulder, the denizens of BitTorrent Piratedom have have pulled up anchor and gone looking

BSA: “Move over RIAA, we’re gonna keep an eye on BitTorrent!”

The Business Software Alliance(BSA) went after a BitTorrent user in the UK for downloading “unlicensed copies of copyrighted computer programs,”

isoHunt back up and ready to rock!

Looks like “the man” can’t keep a good BitTorrent torrent tracker search-engine down, as the site gets new digs, a

BitTorrent Super Saturday

Another installment of the BitTorrent weekend guide to what movies, music, TV shows, games, and more are out there and

Mark Cuban on BitTorrent: “Seeding is a HUGE problem!”

The outspoken software entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team offered his thoughts on the emerging power of

First BitTorrent-Optimized Microprocessor to be released

IAdea Corporation, the Taiwan-based licensee of BitTorrent technology, and Star Semiconductor Corporation, an affiliate of the semiconductor giant UMC Group,

Wal-Mart used The Pirate Bay to sell DVDs?

The world’s #1 retailer advertised DVD titles for sale on the world’s #1 BitTorrent tracker site. In a fateful twist

Netgear partners with BitTorrent Inc.

The two have formed a collaboration to deliver HD videos, music, Internet radio and digital photos from your home PCs

Should Al Gore put “An Inconvenient Truth” up on BitTorrent?

Michael Eakes, a Tech blogger wrote to Al Gore asking him to release his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” via BitTorrent.

BitTorrent keeps going legit’; Azureus to offer BBC shows

It looks like another BitTorrent client server is looking for file-sharing legitimacy. Today it was announced that Azureus agreed to

uTorrent bought by BitTorrent Inc.

It seems like everybody’s trying to legit these days and apparently uTorrent is no exception. A few days ago Azureus